The Flamenco Academy
By Leigh
Dec 6, 2007 - 10:31:15 AM


For Cyndi Rae, life was forever altered by her family’s move from their small Texas hometown to Albuquerque, New Mexico. When her father is diagnosed with cancer, Rae unexpectedly finds solace in the bond she forms with wild child Didi, whose father also suffers from the disease. Though the girls couldn’t be more opposite, their friendship grows and takes on a pattern of smart, shy Rae giving and flamboyant, bold Didi taking.

Didi wants nothing more than to be famous, and Rae helps her plan and execute her “groupie” endeavors to meet rock stars, all the while keeping to Didi’s vast shadow. Rae never expected to fall into an obsession of her own, but that’s exactly what happens the night she meets Tomás. She’s immediately enthralled with the wildly handsome and captivating flamenco guitarist and his music.


Her obsession leads Rae to a university flamenco class, taught by a renowned gypsy instructor. To her surprise, Rae takes to the dance as she has to the music. In flamenco’s stories and beat she finally finds a world to which she belongs. But Didi is also pulled in by the hauntingly beautiful dance, setting the two young women on a path littered with heartbreak, secrets and betrayal.


Author Sarah Bird captivates with this story of a young woman’s obsession and the proud Spanish tradition that is flamenco. Through Rae’s eyes we see the emotional devastation of her life and witness the beauty of a world which entrances her. The colorful descriptions and narration easily transport the reader to early twentieth century Spain and back to the modern world, telling the secrets of a family and the exotic dance in which heritage rules. Deftly woven with friendship, emotion, history and romance, this is an intense read not to be missed!

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