The Flirt
By Sarah W
Oct 15, 2008 - 1:39:58 PM

Hughie Venables-Smythe is in desperate need of work. He is an unemployed actor and is struggling to make ends meet when he reads a mysterious advertisement. Deciding to apply, he lands the job. Only, he is not quite sure what the job is. It seems Hughie is being paid to flirt with women, to make them feel sexy and sensual in the face of their lovers’ or husbands’ neglect. Not a bad gig for a man who really was not cutting it as an actor.

Hughie is also trying to woo his lover, Leticia, into a more serious relationship. However, his efforts seem to be in vain. He is also busy flirting with a billionaire’s wife, Olivia, in the hopes of lifting her spirits. It starts off rather well but things seem to be progressing out of Hughie’s control. As a professional flirt, Hughie has his work cut out for him in trying to help these women. Will his efforts work out to the better, or is his charm going to hurt someone?


Kathleen Tessaro’s THE FLIRT is a definite relationship story, with a subtle focus on romance. The humor is sly, the situations comical, but the characters have just enough emotion in them to make readers sympathize with what they are going through. Hughie is a bit of a bumbler but he is also suave when it comes to flirting. He takes women on a wild ride. There are a few odd situations in this book that lend themselves well to the humor of the author and the characters. THE FLIRT is definitely not typical romance, but for an intriguing book about relationships, possible, nonexistent, and current ones, Kathleen Tessaro has provided just the perfect story.

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