Three Promises - The Billionaire Bachelors series, books 1-3

Author: Lily Everett

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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THREE PROMISES is a collection of three novellas centered on Sanctuary Island and the people who live there, or who are just visiting.

Miles Harrington is a member of the Billionaire Club and has three young "new money" friends whom he wants to entice to be in his wedding on Sanctuary Island. The prize will be his customized helicopter. Leo, Zane and Cooper were sponsored by Miles into the most exclusive men's club in Manhattan. Miles met his fiancée on Sanctuary Island and wants to make it impossible for his friends to turn down his request for help in his upcoming wedding, thus the bet.


Leo Strathairn, a billionaire from England and in on the wager, has been given the task of choosing a reading to say at the ceremony. Leo is always quoting Shakespeare so Miles and Greta want him to honor them in this way.

Leo goes to the local library to obtain the assistance of the librarian, Sabrina Lightfoot. Leo hopes she will pick a reading for him that he can memorize. He wants to keep his secret from his friends this way. Sabrina agrees to help if Leo will take her to the wedding so she can try and get donations to keep the library open.

Sabrina has always been used for her knowledge by men and then left behind when they get what they want. She doesn't trust men, especially hunks like Lord Leo, to mean what they say.

Leo and Sabrina decide to have a little fling before he goes back to his ritzy life. When attraction flares they both try to ignore the feelings of love.


Felicity Carlson is the wedding planner from Manhattan hired by the bride, Greta, to arrange the wedding. Zane Bishop is one of Miles' friends and a groomsman who was asked to help plan the wedding bash. Felicity doesn't want any help and prefers to work alone but Zane refuses that idea as he really wants to win the helicopter from Miles.

Zane is the type of person who just wants to have fun with no strings attached. Felicity makes a list and keeps everything business. Zane decides to show her what fun is, and maybe have a little fling with her, before he goes back to his jet set life. With Felicity and Zane butting heads, while trying to hold back their feelings for one another, leads the reader into a charming story.


Cooper Hayes is the third groomsmen and another friend of Miles. He has been given the task to plan a romantic honeymoon somewhere. Cooper travels all the time to exotic places and Miles figures he can pick a great place.

Cooper's heart was broken when his college sweetheart dumped him the day they were going to city hall to get married. Vivian Banks was from a high society family and Cooper was just an average guy. Unknown to Cooper, his college sweetheart Vivian was asked by Miles, an old family friend of hers, to be in the wedding party. When the couple comes together to walk down the aisle, after the wedding is over, it becomes very awkward for both of them.

Cooper decides to turn the tables on Vivian after he seduces her, and means to get up the next morning and walk away like she did to him ten years before. Cooper finds out Viv is living in a rundown cabin on Lantern Lake, on Sanctuary Island, and he can't leave her until he finds out what has happened to her life.

All of the novellas are great stories of romance, reconciliation, and redemption for all involved. I especially liked the LANTERN LAKE because of the lost lovers who are brought back together and discover what real love is.

I adore Lily Everett and her writing style. The words seem to flow off of the pages and into your mind, in a way that makes you giddy with joy for the lovers and their newfound lives together. I appreciate the novellas being published in print so I had a chance to enjoy them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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