Twin Fantasies

Author: Opal Carew

Publisher: St. Martin’s

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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At a wedding, where love and happiness are in the air, Jenna Kerry is feeling anything but. In fact, she is feeling pretty down and contemplating breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, Ryan Leigh. He just does not seem to be as committed to their relationship as she is. His work seems to take priority one and Jenna is sick of being in last place. But then, he surprises her and unexpectedly shows up at the wedding! Not only that, but he plays into one of her deepest fantasies, sex with a stranger, when he introduces himself as Jake. Jenna is thrilled and a very scintillating night of sex follows.

Jake and Ryan Leigh are twins, brothers who have always been in a bit of a friendly competition since birth. But for Ryan, the competition has always been a bit tougher as he has typically been the shyer and less outgoing twin. He has lost many women to Jake but he will not lose Jenna. When he discovers she slept with a stranger, he is heartbroken, but willing to move forward. Until he discovers that stranger was his twin brother. Now Ryan will do anything in his power to convince Jenna that he is the man for her. But Jenna is not so sure. She cares deeply for both men. Is there a way to find happiness without breaking anyone’s heart?

TWIN FANTASIES sets out to explore what it is like to be loved by two powerful and dynamic men. Ryan and Jake may be twins, but they are very different men that Jenna is starting to adore for separate reasons. There is a real power struggle in this book as to who will win Jenna’s heart; but luckily, Ms. Carew manages to devise an agreeable ending that will satisfy readers. The sex sizzles in this book and it becomes a means for these characters to explore their relationship. Ryan and Jake also have issues to work through and Ms. Carew does not ignore this aspect of the book. Ryan and Jake will surely grab a hold of readers’ hearts as they try to show themselves to their best advantage. TWIN FANTASIES may revolve around Jenna’s fantasies but it does not ignore the realities of love. Super sexy and able to incite passionate emotions, TWIN FANTASIES is an intriguing read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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