A Night To Surrender
By pamelalynne
Aug 2, 2011 - 5:44:02 PM

Victor "Bram" Bramwell is on his way to see the last person he expects to be able to come to his aid, an old friend of his father's, Sir Lewis Finch. Bram has an injury from the war, but he is determined to overcome it so that he can keep on supporting his country the best he can. He expected a lot of things, but several that were not on his list are about to happen. First off, Bram runs into a roadblock... imagine, hundreds of sheep keeping him from arriving at his destination. Then the most confounding female lands right underneath his nose, literally.

Susanna Finch is out to discover what all the noise is about when a man rushes her, tossing her to the ground. She would normally be appalled at such an action, but the man is trying to save her life. To top it all off, he is gorgeous as all get out. Susanna finds herself lying there, completely dumbfounded. That is, until the rascal lays a kiss on her. That has her scrambling to her senses. From that day forward, the two, Susanna and Bram, are thrown together constantly. If the attraction was not there before, it is now. Can they survive each other, or will a battle soon ensue.

Author Tessa Dare never fails to write a splendid read. A NIGHT TO SURRENDER is well-written. The story is gripping and real. The characters are intriguing, be they primary or secondary. I especially loved the growth of all the characters. It was truly inspiring. Although I loved Susanna and Bram best, I would definitely like to read more about the others. Thorne and Colin are both yummy and mysterious. I cannot wait to see what kind of woman it takes to tame them. I look forward to reading Ms. Dare's next novel.

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