Annabelle's Courtship

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: August 28, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Laird Ian McKay of Graenfrae needs a wife.   Under the terms of his stepfather's will, Ian can only inherit the money he desperately needs to keep Graenfrae running if he marries within a year.   Worse, the Scottish laird must find an English bride.   Betrayed by a woman once before, Ian has no desire to repeat the experience.   Yet honor demands he take his vows seriously, which rules out a marriage in name only.


Realizing he has no choice, Ian quickly lists his requirements for a proper bride.   She must be plain, beyond the first flush of youth, and her dowry should not be a large one.   Surely such a woman would be unlikely to betray him, thrilled by an offer of marriage, and suited to life at Graenfrae.   Ian can think of no better place to search for an English bride than London, during the season.


Lady Annabelle is in London for yet another season.   Dubbed "The Ordinary" during her debut season, she has not exactly been the recipient of undivided male attention and offers of marriage.   A bluestocking, Annabelle has firm opinions about women's rights.   She dresses plainly and keeps her financial status private; habits that have helped her avoid fortune hunters.   While Annabelle hasn't completely ruled out marriage, there's only one thing that will entice her to wed: love.   Yet Annabelle doesn't truly expect a man she could love, to fall in love with her.   She has no illusions about her own attractiveness.


Annabelle is quite surprised when Ian McKay appears to be interested in her.   When Ian broaches the subject of marriage, she is less than thrilled to discover why he deems her the perfect bride.   She may meet his requirements, but he certainly doesn't meet hers!


Ian can't believe Annabelle refused to marry him.   He doesn’t have time to spare and for some reason, no other woman but Annabelle will do.   Will Ian find a way to change her mind before it's too late?


Annabelle is my kind of heroine.   She knows her own mind, and isn't going to get pushed around.   When there are rules she doesn't like, she fights them.   And she will only marry for love.   She's smart, clever, and determined.   Luckily for Ian, he's equally strong-minded.   His reactions to the plain, on-the-shelf Annabelle took him by surprise.   She seemed the perfect fit for his requirements.   Would he figure out what went wrong?   Would he find a way to win Annabelle's heart, for all the right reasons?    I could barely turn the pages quickly enough to find out!   With superior characters, a clever plot, and more than enough intrigue to keep things interesting, ANNABELLE'S COURTSHIP kept me entertained from beginning to end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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