At Love's Bidding - Ozark Mountains series, book 2

Author: Regina Jennings

Publisher: Bethany House

Release Date: December 1, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0


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Miranda Wimplegate works with her family at their Boston Auction house, which deals with antiques and heirlooms. When her grandfather auctions off a portrait of an ancestor of a prominent family, an article that never should have been sold, the future of their business is endangered. The buyer of the portrait was anonymous, but Miranda did get a glimpse of her during her break. Desperate to save their business, Miranda and her grandfather track the portrait to the Missouri Ozarks. When they discover that the local auction house there is up for sale, they make an offer to buy it, with the stipulation that nothing else be sold so that the painting will not be moved again before their arrival. Soon Miranda and her grandfather are on their way to the Missouri Ozarks, where they discover that they have purchased a livestock auction house.

Wyatt Ballantine is the manager of the auction house and he is angry that the business has been sold. After all, he was supposed to be given the opportunity to buy it first. He is also annoyed to discover that his new bosses know nothing about the business that he has singlehandedly kept afloat. As Wyatt and Miranda join forces in a charged partnership to keep things from getting worse, an attraction develops between them. As he begins losing his heart to Miranda, Wyatt discovers a rival for her affections in his ne'er-do-well brother whom Miranda met first and whom she champions at every opportunity. Will Wyatt lose Miranda to his brother, or will all the time they spend together on the job win Wyatt the woman of his heart?

An entertaining read, AT LOVE'S BIDDING, the second novel in author Regina Jennings' OZARK MOUNTAINS series, is a fun, heartfelt historical romance. Wyatt, who is adopted, already feels inferior to his brother Isaac, who is the parents' true son and the situation with Miranda only enhances this. From the beginning, it is easy to see that Wyatt has an uphill battle to fight if he hopes to win Miranda, but I did not like his brother at all. I enjoyed watching as Wyatt and Miranda gradually worked out their differences and I could not help rooting for him.

As I have not read the first book in this series, A MOST INCONVENIENT MARRIAGE, I can attest that AT LOVE'S BIDDING can be read as a standalone without any problem. At times, hilarious, there are also moments in this story that will touch your heart. If you enjoy historical romance with humor and a bit of mystery, instead of the explicit sensuality prevalent in many books today, this one is for you!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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