Brothers in Arms - At Love's Command

Author: Samantha Kane

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Ian Witherspoon has kept his fiancé waiting almost a week trying to convince himself and his lover and best friend Derek that a marriage is what they both need to complete their family. Ian has been contracted to marry Sophie Middleton since she was ten years old and now, twelve years later, Ian thinks he has procrastinated long enough. He wants a wife, home, and children. At the same time, giving up Derek is not an option. When Ian comes face to face with Sophie, he is mesmerized by her innocence. Realizing that Sophie’s harsh father might be forcing her to marry him, Ian whisks her out of her abusive parent’s hearing. Asking her if she really wants to marry him, Sophie’s answer surprises him – especially since she answers him on her knees with tears running down her face.

Derek Knightly has loved Ian since first coming into contact with him during the war. Vowing to take care of Ian then, and continuing to do so now, is what Derek lives for. Experiencing nightmares from his time in battle, Derek has a hard time without Ian and knows that when Ian marries, he will be kicked to the side. Heartbroken but still stubborn, Derek vows that Ian’s wife will not insinuate herself into his life and heart. He does the only thing he knows to keep her at arms length – he makes himself as harsh and mean as he can.  


Her home life abusive and unbearable, Sophie Middleton has been praying and waiting for Ian to claim her since she was 18 years old. Almost giving up hope, Sophie is beside herself when the letter from Ian finally arrives asking that she and her father to join him in London. Vowing to be on her best behavior so that her father won’t refuse her marriage, Sophie secretly prays that Ian will still want to marry her. After all, unbeknownst to Ian, Sophie is damaged goods. The fact that she knows about Ian’s secret lover, Derek, is a joy to her because if Ian is busy with Derek, then he won’t bother with her. Sophie’s innocent thoughts could not be more wrong.


AT LOVE’S COMMAND is the perfect story for this trio. Both Sophie and Derek are emotionally fragile at times and need Ian’s commanding presence in their lives. While Derek takes care of Ian’s needs, Ian takes care of Derek as well. Their love is endless and while Derek isn’t thrilled to have Sophie marry Ian, I liked how he comes to his senses and realizes what an actual treasure she is. Sophie just wants to escape her abusive family and so Ian is an out for her – at the beginning. Slowly but surely, Ian weaves his magic around Sophie and vice versa, creating a love that is unconditional and very sensuous.  When Derek is added into their equation of love, life is good.  


I am already eagerly awaiting the next installment to Ms. Kane’s Brothers in Arms series. AT LOVE’S COMMAND kept me in touch with past characters and even hinted at future entanglements and relationships. This book was just a perfect read for me and while M/M involvement may not be for everyone, it was so well-written that I actually forgot gender and just sat back and watched a love story unfold. It was an exemplary tale!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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