Destiny's Captive
By Suzie Housley
Nov 1, 2009 - 5:33:11 PM

Two young lives changed the day of the massacre at Baldwin Fort, Texas.  Fourteen year old Jeremiah Baldwin was captured and later sold to the Camancheros.  He was raised with the tribe and given the name Chikoba.  Angelina suffers from partial amnesia; she is unable to remember details of that horrific day.  She was found by Don Miguel Sanchez who raised her as his own daughter.

Years later, the great warrior Chikoba is grief stricken when he loses his wife and unborn child to a soldier’s invasion.  He turns to the Great Spirit to gain answers about his future.  Through a vision quest his prayers are answered by instructing him to return to the land that caused him such great sorrow.  This revelation forces him to make a decision to leave his Indian life, return to live as a white man, Jeremiah Baldwin.

In Baldwin Fort, Jeremiah finds there is nothing left of his past.  The land he once knew is now owned by Don Miguel Sanchez.  Jeremiah is attacked and left for dead.  Thinking he is upon death’s door an ‘Angel’ finds him and nurses him back to health.  Upon gaining full conscious he learns his angel’s name is Angeline Sanchez.  They both are survivors of the massacre at Baldwin Fort.  Angelina has blocked the memory from her mind.

Being with Jeremiah brings back memories Angelina has tried to forget.  Jeremiah is convinced that Don Miguel had something to do with the attack.  Angelina fights to prove that Don Miguel is innocent.  When the truth is revealed, will it be enough to keep these two young lovers apart?

Legendary names like Evelyn Rogers, Cassie Edwards and Bobbie Smith kept coming to my mind as I read DESTINY’S CAPTIVE.  I found that Kate Lyon’s writing ranked right up there with these historic icons.  DESTINY’S CAPTIVE literally took my breath away as it allowed me to revisit days gone by.  Both Jeremiah and Angelina are strong characters whose troubled past made them deserving to find one another.  I found myself holding my breath in high anticipation to see if these two would have a happily ever after.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a true appreciation for how a historic romance should be written. 

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