Duke of Sin - Maiden Lane series, book 10

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Publisher: Grand Central

Release Date: May 31, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Bridget Crumb, the illegitimate daughter of a lady and a footman, has promised she will retrieve the letters that the Duke of Montgomery is using to blackmail her aristocratic mother. To gain access, Bridget gains employment in the duke's home as his housekeeper, using the letters of reference supplied by her mother. But even though she has had the run of his home for the past three months, she has not been able to find the incriminating documents. However, now he has returned and what she finds may be much more dangerous to her.

Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery, a notorious rake and blackmailer, is back from his three-month exile, ready to seek revenge against the ones who wronged him, while hoping to get the king to lift his banishment. The first thing that he finds is his new housekeeper, whom he hired a fortnight before his exile, kneeling on his bed. He is certain that his prim, but witty, employee is not as innocent as she appears. Still, he finds the fact that she refuses to be intimidated by him intriguing.

Bridget sees some redeeming qualities in Val and their attraction turns into passion, even as they continue to hide secrets from one another. The rest of society, however, does not see him as she does. Against her better judgment, Bridget begins to fall in love with him. Dare she take a chance on this man whom the everyone else sees as evil personified, or will it only lead to her doom?

A deviously clever, sensual tale, DUKE OF SIN, the tenth novel in author Elizabeth Hoyt's MAIDEN LANE series, is darker in tone than the previous books in this collection. A very clever woman, Bridget manages to keep the household running smoothly while keeping everyone ignorant of her undercover actions. In fact, at twenty-six, she is considered the best housekeeper in London.  Usually she is able to fade into the background. After all, no one pays attention to servants. However, now that the duke has taken notice of her, she will have to be more careful, but nothing will deter her from carrying out her mission. As the two play a game of cat and mouse, the passion between them escalates. Ms. Hoyt manages to take a villain and turn him into a not-quite-reformed hero. A sexual relationship evolves between Val and Bridget as she sees some good in him where he believes no good exists.

Vivid characters, sizzling sensuality, extortion, secrets, and romance are interwoven to give readers a compelling read. Fans of the series learn more about the notorious Lords of Chaos and are introduced to a new character, the Duke of Kyle. In fact, he is the hero in the next book of this series, DUKE OF PLEASURE, which releases at the end of November, 2016. Each of the books in this series can be read as a standalone, but I advise also reading the rest of the books in this delightful series for additional enjoyment. Another outstanding addition to the MAIDEN LANE series! Pick up a copy and discover the fascinating world of Elizabeth Hoyt for yourself.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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