Fortune's Kiss

Author: Lisa Manuel

Publisher: Medallion Press

Release Date: March 1, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Moira Hughes has had a life filled with tragedy. First her beloved stepfather dies, then her fiancé and her stepfather’s heir is killed while riding and finally the codicil to her stepfather’s will is missing and her and her mother are forced out of the only house they have ever known. Moira suspects that someone in the new heir’s family has found the codicil and has hidden or destroyed it so they can keep the money. Moira is determined to find out who has the codicil and what they did with it. Moira’s first stop is at her stepfather’s solicitor and when he denies all knowledge of the paper Moira heads straight to the man she suspects is behind all her troubles, the new heir Graham Foster.

Graham Foster has experienced some tragedies of his own. He has spent the last several years as a treasure hunter in Egypt because he was forced to leave England after a scandal where he was accused of cheating and even a trusted family friend, now a Bishop, didn’t believe his cries of innocence. Graham has made a name for himself in his travels and discoveries and he has no desire to go back to England .   However, when he learns of his inheritance of a barony from a distance relative and when the news that his mother, brother and sister have been running up debts in his name reach him Graham heads back to England to clear up the mess as quick as he can. He wasn’t expecting to run into a beautiful young lady who accuses him of stealing and concealing a codicil from her stepfather’s will.


Graham isn’t at first convinced that Moira complete understood her stepfather’s last statement before his death, but when questions raised lead to a death and a missing person Graham begins to believe that Moira’s problems scratch just the surface of some deeper crimes. Together Graham and Moira search out clues left behind to find where her stepfather’s codicil is and what it contains that would cause someone to kill to keep it hidden. As the danger mounts up so does the attraction between Graham and Moira, but will the two young lovers live long enough to enjoy their new found passion or will whoever stole the codicil end their lives before they can discover the truth.


FORTUNE’S KISS by Lisa Manuel is an excellent historical romantic suspense. Moira is a strong-willed young lady who stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to put herself on the line to find out the truth. Graham starts the book as a man who has no use for family ties, but throughout the book begins to realize that his family needs him to care and surprisingly enough he also needs the love of his family. I really enjoyed watching Graham and Moira search through the clues and finally figure out the mystery surrounding her stepfather’s codicil. This is an exciting and enjoyable book and one you don’t want to miss.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Char

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