Lana and the Laird - Untamed Highlanders series, book 3

Author: Sabrina York

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: May 31, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Aware of the curse that has affected his ancestors, Lachlan Sinclair has tried to resign himself to the fact that he will die before his thirtieth birthday, which is only months away. He will never have a wife or a child of his own. Instead his estate will revert to the Crown at his death. But then he meets the woman who has starred in his dreams…a woman he didn't even know existed. She makes him want all the things he knows he can't have and to eschew his English ways and unleash the highlander within him. The only way he can break the curse is to find the MacAlpin Cross, which was broken into three pieces years ago. Through the years he has been searching for these pieces, but has not been able to locate any of them. With only months left, he doesn't believe he stands a chance now.

Lana Dounreay has only seen Lachlan in her dreams as a rugged Scotsman. But when she unexpectedly meets him, he is dressed as an Englishman, cravats and all. Having strived to eschew his Scottish brogue and ways, he doesn't resemble the man in her dreams. But underneath, Lana sees the true heart of the man. Lana has talents of her own. She is able to speak with spirits. This ability has kept her from finding a husband, but Lachlan is only intrigued by this aspect of Lana. She also doesn't believe in curses, but she knows that a person can convince themselves of a curse to the point that it actually comes true. Can she convince him that there is no such thing as curses, or will she lose him to his beliefs?

Absolutely delicious, LANA AND THE LAIRD, the third book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sabrina York's UNTAMED HIGHLANDERS series, is a witty, passionate Scottish tale that is sure to be a favorite of historical romance fans. The romance between Lana and Lachlan is sweet while the chemistry between them is electrifying. Lana's otherworldly abilities add an intriguing element to the story. This is a book that readers will find hard to put down.

Ms. York is a new-to-me author, but I could not get enough of her writing. After reading LANA AND THE LAIRD, I immediately bought the first two books in the series; HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER and SUSANA AND THE SCOT. I am so glad I did. All of the books in this series are wonderful on their own, but for further insight into the series and the characters, as well as for additional entertainment, you will want to read all three. While reading, I felt as if I had been transported to Scotland of yesteryear and I reveled in my visit there. The three sisters featured in these books, as well as their heroes and the secondary characters, are delightfully well-drawn and with humor, heat and hot Highlanders included. What more could you want? Take my advice and treat yourself to all three books today!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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