Make Me Yours
By Noelle
Jul 10, 2009 - 12:09:24 PM

Roused from her bed late one night to deal with a group of carousing nobles, Mariah Eller went to handle the problem. In the process, she inadvertently caught the lustful attentions of the Prince of Wales. Bertie decides that Mariah must be his mistress, but the only problem is that all of the royal mistresses are married women. So, Mariah must find a husband, but she will do it her way. The prince’s best friend catches her eye, so she decides to make him hers. Will her new relationship survive Bertie’s displeasure? Will she and her new love get their happily-ever-after?

Jack St. Lawrence was a man of many talents. The prince’s best friend, he was also a government agent charged with keeping track of the prince, and keeping a lid on his wilder escapades. When Bertie decides he wants the beautiful Mariah for his mistress, it is up to Jack to find her a husband. He never expected to find himself filling the role.


Entertaining dialogue, exceptional attention to detail, and a very entertaining cast of secondary characters helps to create a very interesting story. Even for those not interested in historical works, MAKE ME YOURS would appeal, just from the quality of writing and the romantic scenes. The connection between Jack and Mariah is intense, but they have to deal with the potential problem of the royal temper. How they get around that is very clever, and makes the book that much better. All in all, MAKE ME YOURS is another excellent example of the fine quality of Ms. Krahn’s writing.  



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