By Chris
Oct 1, 2009 - 9:26:04 PM

It’s 1746 and Lady Sarah Methven is not so much enjoying her first introduction to London society, but enduring it at her trusty husband’s side. That is, of course, until she meets the Earl of Cordeaux who is notorious for his power, riches and scandalous affairs with the most beautiful of women, married or otherwise.  While the pious, seemingly incorruptible Sarah thoroughly enjoys the Earl’s endless charms, his advances disturb her more than she cares to admit. 

Present day Jessica “Jez” Skelton is nearly done with university, starting a six-month secondment at the prominent firm, CME, and comfortably settled in her committed relationship.  That is, of course, until she meets the rich and devilishly handsome owner of CME, Piers Cordeaux, who by the way, is infatuated with her and only too happy to make that fact known.  Fighting her attraction to her boss and staying loyal to her boyfriend prove taxing, forcing Jez to retreat and seek clarity during a visit to her aunt.  Instead, her life takes a bizarre turn when disturbing letters from Sarah, a long-dead distant relative of theirs emerges.  Jez is not ignorant to the insane parallels between Sarah’s heartbreaking “fall from grace” and her own present predicament, making it imperative to delve deeper into her ancestor’s tragic life.  What she finds, however, is even more disconcerting, leaving Jez to wonder if other powers are at work, pushing her to take a chance on Piers or warning her to stay away. 


Evocative.  Poignant.  Timeless.  MOONSHADOWS is the type of romance that subtly lures you in on the first page, enthralls you throughout, and leaves you breathless by the very last page.  Amazing!


The young and beautiful Sarah is totally outside her depth when it comes to the Earl of Cordeaux; but what she doesn’t realize is that her social innocence and forthright demeanor are what draws her to him in the first place.  Much like the obsessive allure Sarah holds for the Earl, Piers finds himself ravenously besotted with Jez.  Unfortunate for both men, however, the objects of their infatuation are painfully committed to their men – Sarah to her husband and Jez to her boyfriend – making questions like, “What is she going to do?!” or “He’s not going to make her do that, will he?!” or “What is she, CRAZY?!?!” a constant occurrence throughout the story.


While it’s impossible to ignore the recurring dramas between 1746 and present day, each character is distinct, allowing for their stories to maintain uniqueness despite their similarities.  The Earl of Cordeaux is despicable, yet engaging.  Piers is mesmerizing, and yet semi-honorable.  Jez is faithful, and yet not wholly loyal; while Sarah is moral to a fault, but finds herself stripped of rank and title.  It’s details such as this, plus a haunting storyline, that enslaves the reader to its pages.


Melinda Hammond’s MOONSHADOWS is a lingering dual-time love story, suffused with such a perfect blend of history, paranormal, and romance that lovers of all genres will be intensely satiated.


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