My Life with Apache

Author: Linda L Lattimer

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Fourteen year old Elizabeth does not understand her father. He is determined to uproot the family and head out west to Arizona, a place rumored to be barren and filled with wild Indians. Along the journey, it seems as if the family grows closer, as they all are pulling together to get where they are going. Elizabeth's life takes a tragic turn, and she finds herself at the mercy of an Apache warrior, who has decided to take her for his woman.


An exciting and emotionally stirring tale, MY LIFE WITH APACHE by Linda L. Lattimer captivates, with its tale of a young girl and her experiences while living with the Apache Indians. Elizabeth is a young girl who finds that she must grow up in a hurry. Alone and afraid, she must find a way to survive this new life in which she finds herself. Physically attracted to the warrior that she calls, "Apache," she does not understand these new feelings and what it means when he says he will make her his woman. I was transported back in time as events and actions unfolded in this beautifully detailed story. MY LIFE WITH APACHE describes Elizabeth's awakening into womanhood, and how she begins her life with Apache, a warrior that teaches her what it means to be a woman.


I quickly became attached to the character of Elizabeth as she bravely faced the tragedies and changes in her life. It is the combination of bravery and naivety that make her so fascinating. She shows strength of character that goes beyond her physical age, but then she does something that reminds us that she is still very young. I was captivated as I watched her quickly mature into a passionate young woman who for the first time is experiencing what it means to feel desire and fall in love.


Apache is also a wonderful character. Arrogant and demanding at times, he expects certain behavior from Elizabeth. Mistakes and cultural misunderstandings must be overcome for Elizabeth and Apache to be happy together. Through it all, Apache is supportive and understanding. He quickly stole my heart with his kindness and the way he tried to protect Elizabeth.


Exciting action in an old west setting steals your breath, and the myriad of heart felt emotions make MY LIFE WITH APACHE a definite keeper. This is a passionate romance that describes a young girl's awakening into womanhood while dealing with tragedy and it tells how she meets and falls in love with a man she calls, " Apache," who teaches her what it really means to be a woman.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita

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