Private Arrangements

Author: Sherry Thomas

Publisher: Bantam

Release Date: March 25, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Philippa Tremaine appears to have the perfect marriage according to
London society; Philippa, known as Gigi to her husband and mother, lives in England while her husband, Camden , resides in New York . They have had this arrangement for over ten years…actually they parted ways the day after their wedding. What society believes is the perfect arrangement has finally become more than Gigi can bear and now that she has finally found a man, Freddie, that will make her happy she has no qualms about asking Camden for a divorce.

Camden Saybrook, the Marquess of Tremaine thought Gigi was the woman of his dreams ten years ago, but on the eve of his wedding he discovered a scheme that suggested that she was using him to achieve goals of her own. Camden decided then and there to marry her and make her suffer like he was suffering and thus began a decade of distance and a building of misunderstandings on both sides of the Atlantic . Now that Gigi wants a divorce, Camden has come back with the intention of holding her to the task of providing him with an heir.


Gigi can’t believe that Camden has the audacity to demand that she give him a year and try to conceive an heir before he will agree to a divorce. Gigi and Camden begin a cat and mouse game that starts out as subtle attempts at one-upmanship, but soon they find themselves questioning the feelings they still have for each other and whether finally giving up on their marriage is what either one of them really wants. After more than a decade of separate living can Camden and Gigi make this last ditch attempt at their marriage work or is it time they finally realize they need to say good-bye?


PRIVATE ARRAGNEMENT by Sherry Thomas is a revealing look into a broken marriage that just may not be able to be fixed. Gigi fascinated me throughout the story, from the flashbacks into her earlier life I gained a deep admiration for the growth she made as a person; going from someone only concerned in getting what she wanted into the loving and caring person she had become. You could tell from the first that Camden regretted his decision to cut ties with Gigi, but didn’t know how to make the first step toward a life that included her. I really like the story and all the emotions that bled through the pages while Gigi and Camden came to terms with what would be best for all involved. This is an excellent story and one you need to pick up and experience for yourself.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Char

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