Surrender to the Devil
By Pamela Denise
Oct 16, 2009 - 12:23:55 AM

Frannie Darling has no clue as to her parentage or ancestral background.  She and four boys she’s come to think of as brothers were taken in by the relatively kind kidsman Feagan, earning their keep pick pocketing. Then a surprising discovery leads the Earl of Claybourne to take them in, where they are introduced into proper society. Though well educated as a lady, Frannie has never cared for the life of an aristocrat. When a friend opens a gentlemen’s club, Frannie takes up the position of its book keeper and pursues her dream of opening an orphanage for the children of the streets. Though comfortable around the opposite sex, living through a brutal rape at a young age has left her void of the desire of physical intimacy with a man. Then, at a wedding reception, she meets a dark devil who stirs emotions she never knew she possessed.

Sterling Mabry, the eighth Duke of Greystone, left London abruptly after a fight with his father who was against the idea of him traveling. Though deemed selfish and shunned by his father, Sterling was compelled to see the world while he still had a chance. Now, after many years abroad, he has returned to fulfill his duty by properly taking up his position in society and taking a wife. However, Sterling lives with a secret he won’t divulge to the lucky woman of choice until after their wedding day.  Full of cynicism, he sets out to meet his responsibilities. As a sense of obligation and deciding it’s a good way to start mixing with the ton again, Sterling attends his sister’s wedding reception, where he is enamored with a red haired beauty.



Deciding he must have one night with her before settling down, Sterling sets out to seduce Frannie. Coming from different circles, Frannie knows that she won’t be welcomed as a Duke’s wife, but the passion he ignites in her still has her considering an illicit affair. Even as she starts giving into his seduction, it is Sterling who is becoming captive to her charms. Already taking certain risks to spend time in each others arms, they will have to overcome numerous obstacles for a lifetime of love.

SURRENDER TO THE DEVIL is the third entry in the SCOUNDRELS OF ST. JAMES series that covers the story of Fanning Darling and her devilish duke. Lorraine Heath entertains with ease. She cleverly introduces Charles Dickens into the storyline, approaches a unique handicap with the hero, and uses the less common aspect during the time period where the female is older than the male.  The story is filled with intrigue, fascinating characters, attention-grabbing events that were a bit of a surprise, and a passion filled romance that readers will appreciate immensely.

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