Tall, Dark and Royal - Renegade Royal series

Author: Vanessa Kelly

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: November 25, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Starting out as a street urchin after losing his parents at a young age, Dominic Hunter was taken in and raised in the royal court, where he met Chloe, the daughter of one of the servants. Now he is a magistrate and behind the mission to track down the illegitimate children of England's Royal Princes to help them get what is due them. For fourteen long years Dominic Hunter has also searched for Chloe, the girl he loves who disappeared without a trace. Finally, she reappeared two months ago, but now she has built up walls around her heart that he cannot get past. Although she is still sweet, beautiful and stubborn, these qualities are overlain by a wariness that speaks of abuse and pain, and there isn't anything that Dominic can do to alleviate it.

Chloe Steele suffered an ordeal, but fortunately found her way to an elderly woman who hired her as her companion. Upon the woman's death, she left Chloe her fortune, stipulating that she open her home to unwed pregnant women. Believing that everyone thought her dead and not wanting to disrupt their lives, Chloe has been living in Camberwell as Mrs. Piper, a reclusive, wealthy widow, which prevented her grown son, Griffin, and Dominic, with his many connections, from finding her. Believing that what happened to her in the past was her own fault, she refused to let Dominic shoulder the blame. But after some trouble in her home occurs, she returns to her old life, while still maintaining the shelter for the girls. Seeing Dominic again, Chloe cannot help but notice the changes in him. Over the years, he has changed from the eager boy she loved into a powerful man who exercises iron control over his emotions, even as he protects those under his care. While she continues to hold him at arm's length, despite her desire for him, trouble arrives on her doorstep once more. But this time, she is injured when the thug, who turns out to be the son of a crime lord and very dangerous, tries to push his way into Chloe's home to get to the girl who is carrying his child.

Dominic is hopeful when Chloe agrees to go with him to his country estate to keep her safe. But he desires more than that; he hopes that their time together will allow them to straighten out the lies that separate them. Will he be able to accomplish this and convince her of his love in the time they have before they are forced back into their everyday lives? Will he be able to keep her safe from the danger?

An intriguing tale of love and mystery, TALL, DARK AND ROYAL, a novella in award winning author Vanessa Kelly's RENEGADE ROYALS series, is a witty, endearing historical romance that will soon have you caught up in the tale and rooting for this appealing couple. Over the years, they have both undergone experiences that have changed them, but underneath, they are the same. Have the events in the interim while they were apart changed them too much for them to find happiness together now, or will it prove to sharpen their love, making them more aware of what they nearly lost?

Intrigue, danger, sensuality, rejection, manipulation, romance, love and second chances abound in this latest release. Once more, this author produces a realistic couple that readers are sure to love. A short tale, this novella is ideal for a quick afternoon's escape or to experience Ms. Kelly's storytelling prose if you are new to her work. Despite its length, this novella packs a powerful story. As a fan of her books, I have read the other stories in this series and looked forward to this one. As always with Ms. Kelly's works, it did not disappoint. If you enjoy this one, you may also want to check out the previous book in this nationally bestselling series; LOST IN A ROYAL KISS, SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, CONFESSIONS OF A ROYAL BRIDEGROOM and this one, TALL, DARK AND ROYAL, as well as the upcoming novel, HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING FOR A ROYAL SPY, due to release in January 2015. Pick up a copy and experience the world of author Vanessa Kelly for yourself. I recommend this novella as well as the rest of the series to lovers of historical romance and intrigue!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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