Ten Things I Love About You
By Pamela Denise
Jul 13, 2010 - 9:42:26 PM

Though Annabel Winslow is of noble heritage, her upbringing has been among the countryside with her eight siblings, father, and mother. Her mother was cut off from the family after marrying a country gentleman over twenty years ago so Annabel knows very little of propriety. Upon her father’s passing, the family’s funds have come to a standstill. With the sisters’ governess being let go and her brothers on the brink of having to leave school, Annabel is resolved to find a way to help the family. Lord and Lady Vickers, her mother’s parents, decide to acknowledge Annabel and help her to debut in London amongst the ton in the hopes of procuring a match. However, with so few skills of a proper lady, they are not too confident on her landing a suitor that is up to par and have practically thrust her together with Lord Newbury.

Lord Newbury, a widower and close friend to the Vickers, happens to be a disgusting old man desperate to obtain a new bride to produce an heir after his son’s death. He practically drools over Annabel’s wider hips and larger breasts, which are just right for child bearing. Add to the fact that she comes from a long line of large families and the deal is all but sealed. The thought of having to become Lady Newbury leaves Annabel nauseous, but can she afford to toss out what looks like the only way to save her family and risk her grandparents wrath?  Her confusion is only depended when she stumbles upon Sebastian Grey and requests a kiss from him before accepting her fate.



Sebastian Grey has lived just outside of the titled Lords and Ladies his entire life as heir to his uncle, though his uncle, Lord Newbury, despises him and is in a frenzy to reproduce a son to keep Sebastian from inheriting. He is considered to be quite a catch based on the possibility of his inheritance and his dashing good looks. Sebastian is also known as a bit of a rake, but still has high morals as he never pursues an innocent. Then an unexpected encounter with a young beauty has him changing his standards a bit. Soon he learns the captivating Annabel Winslow is the lady his loathsome uncle is aiming for and things become quite complicated.



Julia Quinn pens another charming historical. TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU is whimsical and entertaining; a true testament to Ms. London’s writing style. The overall feel is a bit lighthearted, though there are brief moments of intrigue dropped in. What I loved most about this delightful read was the interaction and witty dialogue between the protagonists. The trip to love was not immediate, but fleshed out over several encounters. Though there is a marked instant attraction, there is also irritating characteristics they note about one another. The hero’s secret profession was also a fun addition. If you are in the mood for a light, humorous historical, this read is for you.

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