The Hunter - Victorian Rebel series, Book 2

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Christopher Argent is one of the most expensive and sought after assassins in London, England. He is also The Blackheart of Ben More's master assassin and ally. Christopher is well-known for his success rate and never reneging on a deal. He accepts a contract on the actress Millicent LeCour's life. However, Christopher falters on taking Millie's life after meeting the vivacious and talented woman. Millie unintentionally invokes memories and emotions from Christopher that he believed were dead. Going against his code, Christopher offers Millie his protection for a price. Thwarting an attempt on her son's life, he learns the secret Millie guards. Christopher vows to free Millie and Jakub of all the danger threatening them, so the two can lead a normal life away from the violence and darkness of his world.

Millicent LeCour is London's darling, a popular and renowned actress. To the world she is known as "The Unobtainable". After the third failed attempt on her life, Millie discovers the hit placed on her life. To safeguard her son's welfare, she accepts Christopher's unholy offer of protection yet the cold assassin stirs her desires. When her son is threatened by another assassin, Millie has no other choice but to entrust Christopher with her one secret. In his company, she discovers the man buried beneath the wall of ice and believes Christopher is worthy of redemption.

I am so happy Christopher's book is the next in the series. I wanted to learn more of his history since his enigmatic presence in THE HIGHWAYMAN. I did suspect his background mirrored the horror and desolation his underworld comrade, and reluctant friend, Dorian Blackwell experienced. Christopher may share much in common with Dorian, however, his childhood in the corrupt confines of Newgate Prison, and all that he endured there, made me weep. I understood why he became the emotionless and ruthless man who easily killed because that was all Christopher knew. I love how Millie unintentionally reminds him of his mother, and in a roundabout way, helps him absolve the hurt little boy he buried deep after his mother's brutal death. I like how Millie finally helps Christopher comprehend the emotional changes his friend Dorian underwent for Farah.

Millie is an easy heroine to like and enjoy. She maintains a sense of decency, a rarity for the public's viewing of her profession during the time period. I really admire how Millie's first priority is to her son Jakub. Jakub's presence, I believe, is the main reason why Millie is not jaded or cynical. I love how Millie unwittingly becomes the catalyst to Christopher's emotions thawing. Even though he frightens her, Millie is the first person to empathize with Christopher and see the scarred and traumatized boy buried deep within an adult body. What I identified most with Millie is her intense dislike for mornings. She reminded me of the way I behave in the mornings.

THE HUNTER is book two in Kerrigan Byrne's historical series, VICTORIAN REBEL. I love how Dorian and Farah, from the previous book THE HIGHWAYMAN, play important roles in this story. I always enjoy seeing how prior couple's lives continue after their story has ended. It was fun to discover that Dorian's personality never changed. He is still the surly and sardonic.

THE HUNTER is a stirring historical with the right blend of both romance and suspense. Kerrigan Byrne's writing style invests and engages readers in this violent yet irresistible time period. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series, especially in meeting Dorian's enigmatic older half-brother.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Raonaid

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