The Rock, Highland Guard Novel, Book 11

Author: Monica McCarty

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: December 29, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Love can hurt. Just ask Thom MacGowan, the son of a blacksmith. He fiercely loves Elizabeth Douglas, his childhood friend, whom he grew up with in Scotland. Thom hopes Ella loves and desires him just as he does her, some day. Now that they are grown adults, Thom’s love has grown deeper. When Thom declares his love to Ella, she breaks his heart with a shocked response and their relationship changes. Friendship is a beautiful thing and Elizabeth, daughter of the influential Lord of Douglas, perceives Thom as an honest and dependable friend. Never did it enter her mind to think of him as a suitor. Moreover, society dictates that classes not mix. Ella must think about her future and marrying to benefit her clan, because her impoverished childhood left her scarred. After Ella’s rebuke, it is a wakeup call for Thom to prepare for his future.

Therefore, Thom wastes no time in training to become a warrior. He cuts Elizabeth out of his life, without a thought for her or so he thinks. He wants to become a warrior in Robert the Bruce’s elite regiment in the army. But, he must prove he is worthy. He has to become the best climber in all of Scotland. All that climbing he did as a kid was fantastic training. Can Thom climb high enough to secure his future as a warrior along with a title, proclaiming he is suitable husband material for the girl he still loves? Will Elizabeth ever love Thom with a deep desire?

THE ROCK is a sexy, thrilling historical love story. Thom MacGowan, a handsome, muscular hunk, declares his love to a luscious belle of a lady, Elizabeth Douglas. Only she socially outclasses Thom by a mile with her being the daughter of Lord Douglas and sister to the Douglas, the feared black knight in Bruce’s army. So, there is the dilemma. How will Thom boost his social status to become worthy of Ella’s love? Awe-inspiring adventures and mysterious rendezvous wrap together into an enchanting novel. Ms McCarty combines all her colorful characters from her previous novels into this not-to-be missed story. Unwanted and unwarranted kisses, sexual banter and stolen moments between Thom and Ella steal the show! This is a top-notch plot with two of the most stubborn protagonists ever! Each has their pride and won’t admit to their mistakes. Many historical references to the Scots war and Robert the Bruce with his Highland guard round out this vibrant tale with plenty of va-voom! THE ROCK is an exhilarating and exquisite story with auspicious flair!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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