The Stolen MacKenzie Bride - MacKenzies series, book 8

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: September 29, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Malcolm is the youngest of five brothers in the scandalous MacKenzie family. A bit wild, he has no plans of settling down anytime soon. But then he locks eyes with a beautiful woman at Lady Bancroft's soiree and everything changes. He would not have been attending the party but he had to act as camouflage for his brother who is spying for their father. This one night turns his life around. All he can think about is making Lady Mary his for all time, but she knows he is not meant for the likes of him. Still, he always loved a challenge.

Lady Mary Lennox, the daughter of the Earl of Wilfort, has been promised to another Englishman, Lord Halsley. He and her father work together closely and are strong advocates for the king. She only attended Lady Bancroft's soiree so she could play her role as go-between in the forbidden liaison of her sister and the Honorable Jeremy Drake. This bit of subterfuge was intercepted by a handsome Scotsman. If she had not attended the party, she could have lived the rest of her life in peace, following her father's plan for her marriage. Being near Malcolm is exhilarating and reminds her of the time she visited Scotland. She still remembers the raw beauty of it and Malcolm reminds her of her time there.

Malcolm makes sure that he finds time with Mary and these stolen moments soon lead to passion. Desperate to be together, they make plans to elope - plans that are thwarted when fighting breaks out between the Highlanders and the king's army. Will this battle end their dreams of a future together, or is it only the beginning?

A delicious tale, THE STOLEN MACKENZIE BRIDE, the eighth book in author Jennifer Ashley's MACKENZIES series, is an adventure-packed, sexy historical romance that will keep you reading through the night unable to put it down. Although Mary may seem like the perfect English beauty to everyone else, Malcolm noticed the fire within her from the moment they first gazed at each other. The chemistry between them is explosive and their romance will touch your heart. Thrown into this mix is the possibility of a Jacobite uprising and the king's need to quell it, while Scotsmen and Englishmen alike are affected. It does not take long for Malcolm and Mary to fall in love, but that is put to the test when war erupts.

This story will leave readers craving a Malcolm of their own. His brothers are also wonderful characters and I can't wait to read more about them. An amazing author, Ms. Ashley's vivid descriptions and realistic characters bring the story to life right before your eyes. For those new to this series, THE STOLEN MACKENZIE BRIDE can be read as a standalone, but I have found that it is nearly impossible to stop at one with Ms. Ashley's novels. Why not pick up a copy of THE STOLEN MACKENZIE BRIDE today and discover the delightfully entertaining world of Jennifer Ashley for yourself!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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