The Lily and the Falcon
By pamelalynne
Jul 29, 2012 - 5:52:48 PM

The Albizzi family wants to rule Florence and a certain rival, Cosimo de' Medici, stands in their way. Even though he has been imprisoned, they are determined to see that he meets his maker. That is how Bianca degli Albizzi finds herself accompanying her brothers on a mission that she is totally against. Not only does she have to break into Cosimo's home, but she has to deliver poisoned bread directly to him. To make matters worse, Bianca is caught and her brothers abandon her at the first sign of trouble, leaving her all alone with a very angry man, Cosimo's cousin Cristiano.

Cristiano is enraged when he discovers that the men sneaking onto his property are Albizzis. He cannot believe his good fortune when he manages to get the better of them, and catches one in the process. Cristiano plans to make his captive suffer immensely... that is until he realizes the stranger is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. Going against his better judgment, he decides to set her free and send her back with a warning that the Albizzis had better watch their backs.

Ever since the night Cristiano met Bianca, his cousin's advice about finding a wife has played over and over in his mind, and suddenly it does not seem like such a bad idea. Meanwhile, Bianca's father wants her married, and soon. Bianca and her father are arguing about it when Cristiano makes a stop at their family bakery. Bianca knows she is in trouble the instant Cristiano realizes that she is an Albizzi, and before she knows it, she finds herself being married off to man she has sworn to hate, Cristiano. The only problem is that as time goes by, she begins to hate him less and less. Will Cristiano ever be able to love her in return or are they doomed from the beginning?!

THE LILY AND THE FALCON is a romance that suspends time. I became enraptured with the story in less than five minutes. It starts off at a quick pace and the excitement does not stop there. I very much enjoyed Bianca and Cristiano's first meeting as strangers, and it was even more interesting when they met publicly for the first time. Cristiano is a wonderful heroine who had my focus from the beginning with his strength and charm. He really brings out the best in the heroine, Bianca. She is already headstrong and independent, but she becomes passionate and a little reckless around Cristiano. I could not have asked for a better match than these two. THE LILY AND THE FALCON is a splendid novel.

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