The Tiger and The Tomb

Author: Bonnie Vanak

Publisher: Leisure Historical Romances

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Akhetatin, Egypt, in 1893 was a popular site for tomb robbers looking for gold and other ancient artifacts. Ramses was a Guardian of the Ages, and surprises some robbers in the tomb he is sworn to guard. Fighting those attempting to rob it, Ramses thunders out a curse of his ancestors to those that disturb the ancient resting places.

Letting them leave with their lives turns out to be a mistake Ramses will regret.


All the sons in Ramses’ family have been Guardians of The Ages for centuries. He is getting married soon; not because he wants to, but in order to obtain his future bride’s financial backing for his tribe, the Khamsin. His future bride, Lady Katherine Smithfield, is distant kin, the daughter of an English Earl and an Egyptian royal. He does not look forward to marriage with her; he does not care for the English.


Kalila, the descendent of English lords and Egyptian royals, is forced to become a thief. She is being forced to steal a treasure map in order to save her father. Her face is scarred from a childhood incident, so Kalila keeps it veiled. She can’t stand the looks of revulsion she receives when men see her face. Her name means "Beloved" but she doesn’t feel like she will ever be called that by any man.


Ramses, is unbelievably handsome with his curious mixture of European and Egyptian features. She could lose herself in those burning amber eyes like a tiger! Her ploy of seduction to retrieve the map from his person backfires. His kiss makes her lose all reason and she doesn’t get it before she flees from him in anguish.


Ramses is bewitched. He must find out who she is, since she is "the" woman he can’t forget. He would do anything to have her at least once before he signs his marriage contract. Once that is signed he is sworn to fidelity.


Ramses is afforded the opportunity to rescue the lady in question. When finding out she is unescorted he names himself her escort. Her beautiful emerald eyes entrance him; it seems as though they were meant to be together. So entranced by her, and their next kiss, Ramses doesn’t feel her steal the map from him before she disappears again.


Kalila is forced to go with her father’s enemies to the desert to find the mine on the map. She is desperate to save her father’s life. The last person she expects to meet in the middle of the desert is Ramses!


Ramses goes to the rescue of a woman being attacked by four men. Severely injured in the attack, he doesn’t realize at first that this woman is the same one who stole the map from him. Saving his life with her cousin’s assistance, she has to nurse him back to health. Her cousin leaves her alone with him so that he can let Ramses’ people know he is alive. Ahmed knows a secret about him that he doesn’t tell Kalila.


And things are just getting started here....


I was hooked from the first paragraph on THE TIGER AND THE TOMB! It begins with a fight with tomb robbers, and the excitement never ceases in this book. Ramses is the kind of hero dreams are made of, and Kalila is a beautiful, independent and unpredictable lady deserving of such a man. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down—it was like a full color video in my head that I never wanted to end. Ms. Vanak has gone beyond what I would describe as excellent with this book—it is much more than that. I gave her a rating of 5 blue ribbons on this book, because that’s our highest rating, but I would rate it higher if I could. A highly cherished keeper for my collection!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Teresa Henson

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