Then Came Faith: Civil War Trilogy Series, Book 1

Author: Louise M. Gouge

Publisher: Emerald Pointe Books

Release Date: September 10, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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The Civil War is now over, and Reconstruction has begun in the South.  Northerner Juliana Harris, a staunch abolitionist, travels to New Orleans in an effort to help the Southerners restore order and to help the freed slaves learn to read.  Juliana believes she can help the Southerners she is about to meet understand the error of their ways in their support of slavery.  She didn’t count on meeting former slave owner Andre’ Beauchamp, however. 

A Confederate Naval Captain during the War, Andre’ Beauchamp has lost his fortune, his family, and his faith as a result of the devastating war.  With only his sickly mother and a handful of former slaves that stayed behind after the war, Andre’ must try to find a way to rebuild what was once a magnificent estate before it falls into complete ruin.  With bitterness in his heart, Andre’ vows never to forgive the Northerners for the losses his family suffered.


Andre’ meets Juliana almost as soon as she arrives in New Orleans, and the attraction between them is undeniable.  When Andre’ learns that Juliana is a Northerner, due to his intense dislike for them, he doesn’t want to get involved with her.  But it seems as if God has other ideas for the two of them when they keep having future chance meetings.  Will they be able to work through their conflicting beliefs to reach common ground?


Later a Christian physician, Dr. Mayfield, enters the picture and soon is trying to win Juliana’s heart for his own.  Andre’ finally must admit he loves Juliana and try to claim her affections for himself. Will she choose Andre’, a man almost a polar opposite to her in values and beliefs, or the doctor who is much more like her in every way? 


Louise M. Gouge is an author who is completely new to this reviewer, but is one I’d like to read more from in the future.  Ms. Gouge does a really good job of depicting the trials and difficulties experienced by the South during the early days of the Reconstruction era in the first book of her new Civil War Series, THEN CAME FAITH.  This historical novel is much more than just a romance; it’s a heartbreaking look at the slavery issue from both sides of the fence.  Andre’ and Juliana both were Christians, but had totally opposite opinions when it came to owning slaves.  As they work towards a compromise, true healing begins to happen for them, but will it catch on for everyone involved on both sides of the conflict also?  Only time would tell.


I am truly looking forward to reading book two of the Civil War series by the talented Ms. Gouge, which is entitled THEN CAME HOPE and is slated for a May, 2007 release from White Stone Books.  This second novel will focus on a soldier returning from fighting in a Negro regiment during the Civil War and an escaped slave girl who meet up with other former slaves as they head North in search of a brighter future.  It sounds to me like it’s going to be another winner!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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