Hell's Eight Erotic Adventure - Tucker's Claim
By CinLee
Oct 18, 2009 - 11:55:47 AM

Sally Mae Schermerhorn came West with her husband, Jonah, to find a  new life. Her husband served as Doctor and under his tutelage, Sally Mae learned everything she could to be his helpmate as a nurse. Fate dealt the Quaker couple a cruel hand when Jonah was murdered. After mourning an appropriate amount of time, Sally Mae wrestled with her faith and her desire for the half-breed, Tucker McCade, of Hell’s Eight.

Orphaned during a brutal attack on his hometown when he was a child, Tucker straddled the line between the white world and Indian world, never feeling he belonged, except for when he was with his seven friends who were also orphaned. But from the moment he laid eyes on the widowed Sally Mae, his heart was lost. But could he convince himself that he deserved her?


Despite her pacifist beliefs, Sally Mae had been hiding a secret wild side and finally decides to have an affair with Tucker, who has been staying in her barn since before Jonah passed away. At first they agreed to it being for one night but then it extended to indefinitely. Trouble first rose when the men of the town decided her mourning period had been too long and that she was much too good for the Indian who lived in her barn. After things went too far with one man, Tucker knew he would have to stake his claim on Sally Mae, but would the pacifist be able to accept his violent life?


Sally Mae finally discovers that her beliefs won’t keep her safe in the West when a case of mistaken identity turns deadly for herself, Tucker, and their friends Isabella and Sam. Will they make it to Hell’s Eight alive?


If you like your historicals packed with emotion, excitement and heat, you can never go wrong with a book by Sarah McCarty. Tucker is as hard as they come but gentle as a lamb with Sally Mae and the heat between them is scorching. An added delight with Sarah’s books are that you get to revisit with favorite characters from previous stories in the series and they play just as important of roles in every book.

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