A Ghost of An Affair

Author: Ellen March

Publisher: Fanny Press

Release Date: October 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Grace McGillis is a voluptuous woman who works in a hospital as a receptionist. Having won the favor of the hospital heartthrob, Dr. Sage Gerret, she feels her life can't get much better. Of course, the doctor sets up a strict regimen of a diet and exercise to try to make her into the perfect wife for a surgeon.

Dr. Sage Gerret is a surgeon and a big man around the hospital. He knows all the women he passes in the hospital are drooling over him and he feels he deserves it. He plans on changing Grace into the perfect wife for a surgeon such as himself. He doesn't care about her feelings and he treats her like a lowly servant who will do as he says.

When Grace's friend Amy tells about her beliefs in the other world that comes after death, Grace is a non-believer. So Amy brings over her Ouija board to show Grace that there is another life after death. They contact a ghost and when Grace still doesn't believe it, she tells the board to prove it. The ghost they had been talking to comes through the portal they have opened to do just that.

Breece Denson is an alpha-male who shows Grace what she is missing by not having an active sexual life. Even though he can't be seen, he can still pleasure her without her seeing him. Eventually Grace can see Breece and hear him and touch him, even though he is a ghost. Breece enjoys pleasuring Grace and puts his claim on her. Since he is a ghost, she stills wants a relationship with a human which irritates Breece.

Things become very confusing for Grace between her mortal man, who treats her badly, and her ghost, who just wants to please her. Grace realizes she is tired of being a doormat for Sage and the bad way she is treated by him, so she ends their relationship. She decides to just enjoy the awesome sex she has with her ghost for now.

This story is very different from anything I have read in the past. The storyline once I got into it was very interesting by itself. The erotic sex was something to ponder over as well and it all works together to make a good read. To anyone who enjoys a romance set around a hospital and its staff, along with a hunky ghost who becomes very territorial towards his woman, you will want to read this story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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