A Summer Bewitchment - The Knight and The Witch series, Book 2
By Dottie
Jul 2, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Sir Magnus, a maimed crusader knight, and his witch-wife Elfrida have been happily married for six months now, but everything is not as rosy as it seems. Elfrida secretly fears losing her husband’s love should their difference in rank get in the way and Sir Magnus fears not being able to impregnate his wife. In fact, there are times when he wonders if his wife is doing something to keep from getting pregnant and at other times, he is afraid that the injuries he sustained while in battle may be the reason his wife hasn’t become pregnant so far. He loves his wife above all else and she seems to love him, despite the many scars that normally frighten others.

When seven local girls go missing, noblewoman Lady Astrid arrives on their doorstep, demanding Magnus’ help. However, she does not have too much use for Elfrida, believing the witch is beneath her. For Elfrida, being around Lady Astrid makes the differences in rank between her and Magnus that much more apparent. As Magnus and Elfrida try to locate the girls while dealing with their own problems, they begin to suspect that there is much more behind the disappearance of the seven girls. They are certain that Lady Astrid is not telling them everything and why did she single out Magnus to help with the hunt rather than going to the authorities? Can Magnus and Elfrida’s marriage withstand the strain of the hunt? Will they find the girls before it’s too late? 

An intriguing tale, A SUMMER BEWITCHMENT, the second book in author Lindsay Townsend’s THE KNIGHT AND THE WITCH series, is a suspense-filled, sensual historical romance infused with a bit of magic. This delightful sequel to THE SNOW BRIDE can be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading the books in order. Magnus and Elfrida, despite their difference in rank, are a wonderful beauty and the beast match. The chemistry between them is scorching hot and their love for each other shines through, so I could not help rooting for them. After devouring the first novel, THE SNOW BRIDE, I was delighted to be able to re-visit these two delightful characters. Witty repartee, engaging characters, intrigue, magical spells, romance and love fill the pages, sweeping the reader up into the midst of the story. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of A SUMMER BEWITCHMENT. I highly recommend it!

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