About A Vampire - Argeneau Series, Book 22

Author: Lynsay Sands

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: September 29, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Ok, fans, you have to read this, because sexy Justin Bricker gets his just desserts in Lynsay Sands’ new book in the ARGENEAU series. Being a vampire, Justin oozes sex appeal and naturally, the ladies flock to him. However, after ruthlessly teasing his Enforcer comrades when they were finding their life mates, now they turn the screws on Justin. When Justin accidentally meets a woman, his life mate, you would think he would already know how to woo a lady. But no, he gets romantic strife by the bucketful, courtesy of his Enforcer buddies. Ha, ha, take that, Justin!

Holly Bosley, cute, witty and already wed to James Bosley, her lifelong childhood friend, works at a cemetery. She treks through the cemetery late one night when she realizes she forgot to deliver some papers for her coworkers in the crematorium. While in the building, she is terrified by a horrifying sight, turns tail and runs. She zooms so fast and heedlessly that she trips and falls hard, fatally injuring herself. In that instant, Justin is aware that he scared her. But, most importantly, he discovers that he can’t read her, which means, dah, dah, dum…she is his life mate. Quick, he needs to save her life and fast! Whoa, heavy stuff! Life as Holly knows it is about to change big-time! Will Justin overcome all the obstacles he faces? Does Holly accept what happens to her?

ABOUT A VAMPIRE is a prowling good paranormal tale filled with romance, clever plotting, complications galore and witty dialogue. To cut to the chase, Justin, a drool worthy vampire, saves a lady after she mortally wounds herself. In fact, this very woman, Justin determines, is his life mate, no less! Her name is Holly and there is a big problem. She is already married. Oh crud! What does Justin do now? Therein lies the problem. Ms. Sands gracefully puts her own spin on the perennially cheating spouse scenario and expertly seasons it with a sharp sense of humor, a yummy bad-boy hero and a stubborn, feisty heroine who stands up for her laurels. The resulting romance is a tasty treat for readers who like sexy romances, which tilt to the lighter side of paranormals. ABOUT A VAMPIRE is smart, spunky and sprinkled with sexiness. Hot fun!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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