Alitus : Tales of the Chosen Book Two

Author: Kayelle Allen

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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As Empress of the great Tarthian Empire, Rheyn Destoiya can have everything her heart desires except all that she craves may just be the one thing out of her far reaching grasp. Will Destoiya ever be sure of the love of her steadfast Alitus, or will she always wonder if what he really lusts after is not her, but her limitless power. And above all else, can she trust him with her deepest secret, one that makes even her hold over the Tarthian Empire insignificant?

Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, a genetically enhanced human who is "better" at everything a normal man can do. Despite all his biological advantages, this self proclaimed "slave" of the Empress will do anything to uphold Her Majesty's wishes. However, will Alitus's everything be enough to touch his forceful lady's heart and reveal the mysteries of Destoiya's nature that she keeps hidden even from him?
As these two larger than life characters discover new wonders and experiences that may just rock the entire universe, Kayelle Allen once again crafts a romance that lives forever in the mind of her readers. Kayelle tells a grasping sensuous tale of love and adventure between the steadfast Alitus Vivaldi and the Empress he serves. The new experiences that they discover together may just change the entire universe as Alitus sets out to face his greatest fear in the effort to win the love of his immortal mistress.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: J.T.

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