Archangel’s Blade
By Sarah W
Sep 3, 2011 - 1:03:17 PM

Readers familiar with Nalini Singh’s GUILD HUNTER series know that Dmitri is a powerful and vindictive vampire. He is the archangel Raphael’s second in command and Dmitri knows how to use his position of power. So when a vampire shows up dead, its head severed from its body, he takes charge, even after a guild hunter arrives on the scene.

Honor was savaged by vampires. She finally escaped with the help of her guild hunter friends but she is not the same woman she once was. She cowers where she once stood proud and though she is afraid to work so closely with Dmitri, her pride in her job will push her through. However, working with Dmitri is not easy. Her quest for vengeance, for justice against those who tortured her becomes another mystery to be solved. The ties that bind these two together are growing stronger. Is Honor ready to face what Dmitri will do to her life?

ARCHANGEL’S BLADE is the latest book in Nalini Singh’s GUILD HUNTER series. This is a series best read in order and this book is no exception. However, this is the first book in the series told from a new character’s point of view. Elena and Raphael are not in this book very much but no worries, Dmitri and Honor are no second best. These characters have much pain to face together, but face it they will as they pursue a killer who takes too much pleasure in violence. Dmitri is a man with a deeply scarred soul. He lost his wife and two children nearly a thousand years ago and that loss has remained with him. He is drawn to Honor almost against his will. He never wants to desire a woman as strongly as he desired his wife because he is unsure if he is strong enough to handle those feelings once again. Dmitri is a predator now, a man changed by punishments, deaths, and brutality. Honor is slowly coming into her own once again but she too faces pain and loss. She is a woman with strength and the touch of vulnerability Dmitri needs in his life. Honor lives up to her name in so many ways. Even in the face of those who hurt her, who took her blood, who raped her, she offers forgiveness and a small amount of compassion. This is a woman who has been through hell and continues to survive. Quite the pair, no?

ARCHANGEL’S BLADE stuns with intensity and renewal. These characters are perhaps at the very pits of despair in humanity and hope at the beginning of the book but come out fiercer, ready to battle death itself for another chance at love. It sounds almost corny, but it is true. Nalini Singh makes you believe in the torment of her characters but more importantly, their growth and development is believable and genuine. ARCHANGEL’S BLADE left me raw and aching at the end in the best way possible.

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