Dragos, Book 4 - Inflamed
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2011 - 9:16:12 PM

Isabella, a sex demon, has spent centuries as a prisoner of the black mage.  Her dreams have provided her a small measure of happiness while in the arms of the one man capable of loving her without sacrificing everything.  Unfortunately any strength she gains from their dream sexual encounters is stolen by the dark mage.  Time is running out for Isabella and her only hope for survival rests in the hands of the Dragos Clan.

Pete is the youngest of the Dragos Clan and thus far the only one still unmated.  His siblings all found their mates during their struggles with the dark mage.  When Pete sleeps his dreams take him to exotic locations but more importantly the woman he’s come to love is always there.  Isabella has become vital to him and now that she desperately needs his help he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to rescue her from whatever is holding her prisoner.


The dark mage is finding it harder and harder to maintain his power.  His collection of magical beings is sadly depleted but he still has Isabella and through her he’ll be able to lure the Dragos Clan into his evil clutches.  In a way he’s right, through dreams, Isabella contacts Pete, Calla, Anna and Bree requesting their help which brings the entire Clan as well as their lovers to her assistance – and into the dark mage’s lair. 


Isabella knows that there’s no hope for a happily-ever-after with Pete.  She’s a sex demon and touching her will ultimately kill him.  Only in the dream realm can they be together without their love being detrimental to him.  While Pete and the rest of the Clan do their best to save Isabella, the dark mage seizes every opportunity to take them prisoner.  It’ll take wits, determination, faith and a whole lot of magic to beat the dark mage at his own game… but are they ready for the emotional fallout that will result from finally defeating the man who’s brought so much misery to their lives?


While it’s kind of sad to see the DRAGOS series come to an end it’s infinitely satisfying to know that the Dragos Clan does finally defeat the dark mage.  Isabella’s situation is precarious and heartbreaking but the love making dream sessions with Pete provide her with a glimmer of happiness – even though she doesn’t believe they have a future in reality. 


Amber Kallyn has captivated me throughout this entire series but with INFLAMED she managed to pull all the stories and characters together and left no loose ends.  I rejoiced with the characters and their triumphs then cried along with them when the shocking truth behind the dark mage’s identity is revealed.  I’m genuinely impressed with Ms. Kallyn’s ability to create such unique characters and write about them in such vivid details.


While it’s not absolutely necessary to read the other titles in the DRAGOS series in order to enjoy this one I would certainly recommend reading them in order because each story does build on the previous one.

The other titles in the DRAGOS series are: BURNED, SCORCHED and BLAZED


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