Riley Jensen, Guardian, Book 7 - Deadly Desire
By Ann
Mar 1, 2009 - 9:18:10 PM

Riley Jensen is on the hunt.  As a Guardian for the Directorate, she is on the trial of a killer who is killing prominent vampires in Melbourne.   She needs to find the killer before another vampire gets killed but it gets more complicated when Kye Murphy, a werewolf bounty hunter, keeps getting in her way.  She is torn between the heat she feels towards him and the dislike of what he stands for.  She has better things to look forward to which includes Quinn, her vampire.  After all they’ve been through, it’s nice to have a relationship with no drama.  However, as Riley gets closer to finding the killer, she finds that her love life is about to get more complicated.

DEADLY DESIRE takes Riley Jensen hurtling towards things she never expected.  I really enjoy Riley and how she is so sure of herself when it comes to her job but its totally different in her personal life.  Although she is a hybrid of vampire and wolf, I don’t know if she feels comfortable with each.  She enjoys a healthy relationship with Quinn but something is missing.  Kye brings out the fire in Riley whereas Quinn the softer side in DEADLY DESIRE.  The killer mystery serves as a plot to help drive Riley towards a new revelation that will change her life forever.  The secondary characters themselves reveal some interesting tidbits that help with the story.  Even though I just finished DEADLY DESIRE, I am already anticipating what happens next to Riley.

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