Torrid Tarot: Divided Love

Author: Sally Painter

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 25, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 - Recommended Read

Format: EBOOK

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The Queen of Cups, Reci Waters, has been living as a mortal since her abdication from her underwater nation a full year ago.   She had her reasons for leaving but she chose to keep those to herself in order to protect the people she loves.   Despite the wonders to be found on land she’s suddenly homesick for her life beneath the waves and ready to return and reclaim her rightful place.   There’s just the little issue of a royal curse which forewarns that if a royal abandons her duties and leaves Cups, then she will be divided.

Reci’s assistant Kit and Arthur, Captain of the Royal Guard, left Cups with Reci when she abdicated.   Kit has remained at Reci’s side while Arthur has been forced to watch from a distance because Reci decided that she didn’t need a guard and sent him away.   Arthur’s ecstatic when he receives an urgent call from Kit about Reci.   Maybe now he’ll finally have the opportunity to profess his love.   The last thing he expects is to learn that Reci is in the grips of the ancient Curse of the Absent Throne.


She’s literally divided into two people. Identical in looks but way different in personality.   Reci is practical, guided by royal protocol and never lets her emotions stand in the way.   RW, however, is a free spirit, taking her pleasures where she can, enjoying life to the fullest, and intent on fulfilling the deep dark fantasy that Reci will not allow herself to experience - loving Arthur.   Poor Arthur’s in a real quandary.   His love for Reci has never wavered but now there’s two of her - one who professes her love to him, and the other who refuses to allow herself the freedom to love - for her it’s all about duty.


Reci’s determined to return to Cups.   RW flat out refuses to give up the freedom she’s finally experiencing now that she’s free of Reci’s stick-in-the-mud attitude.   According to the curse, if Reci is not reconnected as one person before the next full moon, she’ll die.   She must return to Cups.   RW refuses to accept this news and bolts.   She’s not about to allow Reci to restrain her fun loving side again.   Is there any way to prove to Reci that she can rule and still have fun - even marry the man she loves?  


I’m not sure I can even come up with the words to describe the impact this book had on me.   Sally Painter creates a world so incredible that I found myself immersed in the characters, their plight, and the wonders of this underwater nation.   Reci and Arthur are perfect together but without the curse she would have never followed her heart and admitted to loving him.   I loved the differences between Reci and RW, and eagerly kept reading to find out just how their problem would be resolved.   This is a story that pulls the reader into the storyline and allows you to experience every action packed and emotional moment along with the characters.   Beautiful job Ms. Painter!  DIVIDED LOVE is a wonderful story and the perfect way to ‘lose’ yourself for a few hours.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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