Dragos 2: Scorched
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 20, 2011 - 9:18:43 AM

Thanks to her rare Argentinean dragon blood shifter Cynthianna ‘Anna’ Hernandez can easily function in the frigid temperatures of the wilds of Canada.  No dragon wants to live in such cold conditions but in order to evade the twisted, evil clutches of ‘the Master’ she’s run to the last place she believes he’ll attempt to find her.  With only her pet Wolf and the dream warrior to keep her company she’s pretty lonely and constantly worried about the day Master does catch up to her. 

Garreth Dragos is a bounty hunter for the dragon council and the last thing he wants to be doing is trekking through the snow in search of his mark, but he has it on good authority that the woman accused of horrendous crimes is hiding in this forsaken area.  Garreth is extremely good at his job and never fails when he sets his mind to a goal but even he can’t overcome the overpowering lethargy created by the cold temperatures.  Fortunately Anna has a conscious and risks her own life to save his – even though she has no clue who he is… she just knows he bears a striking resemblance to the dream warrior she thought was only a figment of her imagination.


Despite knowing the dangers of going out into a blizzard to help whatever unlucky creature she senses is out there in danger of dying from exposure or attack of a predator.   The last thing she expects is to find the man who stars in all her highly erotic dreams.  Who is he and what is he doing in her woods?  The questions will have to wait though since he’s unconscious in a snow bank and from his scent she knows he’s dragon.  Anna manages to get him back to her cabin and thawed out then experiences the most intense dream and lovemaking session she could imagine as their dragons recognize their mate in each other.  Unfortunately there are major issues that cannot be ignored – like Garreth’s lack of honesty in telling her what he’s really doing in her woods and Anna’s troubling issues with a dark mage intent on stealing her abilities.  Anna’s master might not be the force that sent Garreth out into the frigid temperatures of Canada but the fact that he’s from the dragon council is just as bad – at least for Anna – he’s been sent to bring her in for the atrocities that were done to her father.  They believe that she’s Other and killed her father in order to steal his soul.  Will Anna’s mate be forced to turn her over to the council to be disposed of or can she convince him of her innocence and the danger she still runs from.


SCORCHED is the second title in Amber Kallyn’s DRAGOS series.  I have to confess I’m loving this series; the characters are brilliantly depicted with larger than life personalities that pop off the pages and startling situations that capture the reader’s imagination.  The sexual interactions between Anna and Garth are intense yet very sweet because they are aware that while they are mates, there’s no guarantee of a happily-ever-after – especially with their future hinging on so many circumstances that are beyond their control.  SCORCHED is a wildly passionate, captivating, ‘steal your heart’ read that is sure to bring a smile to the reader’s face.


While it’s not really necessary to read the first title in this series to fully appreciate SCORCHED there are characters and references to situations that happened in BURNED so you might want to pick up a copy of that book as well.  There is also another release available, Book 3, BLAZED and the 4th book, INFLAMED, is yet to come.



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