Human Nature
By Christina
May 8, 2010 - 3:24:51 PM

Gage learned from experience that his kind and humans don’t mix. People always try to destroy what they don’t understand. In order to protect himself he has retreated completely from the outside world. His only company is some guards and his human servant Randall. Randall has been with Gage since he was a young boy and there is no one he trusts more. However, Gage refuses to admit how he feels about his servant and he is determined to keep Randall at arm’s length. He is comfortable with his life and he doesn’t want anything to change.

Dominic is devastated after his entire pack is killed by hunters. He finds himself injured and at Gage’s mercy. Fortunately for him Randall intervenes with his employer and he is allowed to remain on the estate until he is recovered. What Dominic doesn’t realize is that Randall has his own plans for him. Dominic knows that Gage and Randall care for one another and he cannot deny his growing feelings for them either. Can he help bridge the gap between his two companions so that they can all find happiness together?


The atmosphere in HUMAN NATURE is very tense and feels very antiquated. It pulled me into the story right away. I found myself forgetting that the novel has a contemporary setting. Gage is a mysterious and intriguing character. Throughout the story I found myself wanting to know more about him. I was filled with questions and I couldn’t wait to discover the answers. Randall is also a very interesting and surprising character. Despite his life long service to Gage, he is an independent person. I admired his determination to do what is right even if it means going against the man he loves. The relationship between the three heroes is strong and felt very believable to me. HUMAN NATURE by Cat Kane is a compelling paranormal romance.

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