Moon, Magic, Madness, Book 1 - Hunter of the Heart
By Donald
Mar 1, 2012 - 5:30:56 AM

Nate had a heart once. It broke when he saw a shapeshifting monster rip apart his mate. Now the werewolf only lives for revenge against the beast that killed his love. He's tracked down the beast to a cruise ship. Now he just has to find it before it kills again.

Tessa Archer has lived her life in the shadow of her twin sister. But when her sister dies, she has as hard of a time as the rest of her family in moving on. She decides that a cruise is just the thing to find herself again. Yet the mysterious, even frightening, Nate evokes emotions that she's not sure she's ready to deal with.


HUNTER OF THE HEART is a new paranormal romance by Vanessa Jaye. She deftly weaves together a suspenseful tale of dark creatures and revenge with a story of romance and redemption. Tessa needs Nate, needs him to break her out of her shell and take her from the shadow of her sister so she can be her own person.


Nate needs Tessa even more. In his battle against the monster, Nate has come closer and closer to turning into what he is chasing. His feelings for Tessa raise the possibility that he might love someone again, that his life might have a meaning beyond hunting and killing the beast. Although he worries that his feelings will prove a distraction and get them both killed, Nate can't stop feeling the way he does.


An exotic Caribbean location and a colorful cast of secondary characters add delightful spice to Nate and Tessa's story. I can see this story becoming the start of a series, if Ms. Jaye so wishes. However, HUNTER OF THE HEART is definitely Nate and Tessa's story. All of the action and atmosphere lead to a tale of a couple who have to wind up together, in spite of all the obstacles that a dangerous world and they themselves might put in the way.


For readers who love their paranormal romances with tons of adventure and deep characters, HUNTER OF THE HEART is not to be missed.

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