I Put A Spell On You
By Dottie
May 5, 2008 - 6:39:40 PM

Temperance Callahan has had a crush on Gray Foster for thirteen years despite the fact that he believes she is flighty and irresponsible.  Renovating Mystic Circle, her metaphysical shop, she cannot believe it when Morgan, her best friend and Gray’s sister, gets Gray to do the renovation.  The first contractor Temperance hired took her money and left, even though she had checked out his references and did a reading on him.  The reading showed that he was a Knight of Wands.  Unfortunately, a Knight of Wands can be confident and conscientious or he can be cocky, foolhardy and reckless.  He proved to be the latter. 

Gray Foster, the owner of a construction company, is a gorgeous King of Wands but he does not date seriously.  As a teenager, Gray discovered that his father had been having affairs for years – resulting in Gray’s half siblings and his undeniable fear of commitment.  Normally, he only takes on high profile builds, but he cannot let Temperance down.  He even pushed back the start date on his newest project to help her out.  Unbeknownst to Temperance, Gray has fantasized by her since he was a teenager.


Temperance realizes she has no choice.  Since she is almost out of time – her shop is due to open in two weeks - she agrees to let Gray do the job.  Unaware that he is in the building, Temperance tries to get some work done.  While preparing a sex potion for a client, she is startled when she hears Gray behind her, causing her to spill a couple drops of the potion down her top.  When Gray suddenly starts kissing her, she blames it on the potion.  What will happen when the potion wears off?  Will she be able to handle the heartbreak?  Can she make Gray believe in magic?


I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is scorching hot, hilarious and full of fun.  The witty banter, sweltering sensuality and irresistible characters make this novel a keeper and one that readers will not forget soon.  This sizzling romance is not to be missed!  I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is at the top of my ‘recommended read’ list.  Warning:  Sexually Explicit

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