In a Stranger's Arms
By Amanda Haffery
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:43:33 AM

Callie and Mandy have been friends for a long time. Each of them knows to trust the other's instincts, especially when there's a killer loose in town. Callie is the more serious and responsible one, where as her friend Mandy is the more laid back one and lives life like it's the last week. When Callie's next-door neighbor is killed and her body mutilated, Callie is scared to death. That doesn't stop Mandy from wanting to go out and have a good time at the clubs though. Callie cannot stop feeling like someone is watching her. When they arrive at the club, there's definitely a familiar face at the table across from them. One of the men in the group is a man Callie has spotted on more than one occasion.

Gunther is a vampire who specializes in destroying demons and other evil. Right now he's after a demon serial killer who happens to have its sights on Callie. As much as Gunther wants to keep his relationship with Callie completely professional and just protect her, he can't seem to keep his mind or his feelings on the task at hand. Callie is the first woman in more years than he can think of that has actually made him feel something. Protecting her is his first job though. After that he plans on making her his. Vampire or not, Gunther is still a man who knows the woman he wants to bond with, and will do anything to have her, even walking away.


IN A STRANGER'S ARMS is one of those rare stories that a reader will come across once in a lifetime. It's a story of danger, passion, longing, heartbreak, mystery, suspense and the paranormal. Readers will be sighing long after they've finished reading this masterpiece from Tianna Xander. Throughout this story, I was filled with mixed emotions, ranging from anger, fear, sadness, giddiness and hope. I couldn't stop reading this story; I was in fact transfixed until the very end. I'm hard pressed to say which was better in this story, the characters or the storyline. Callie is your typical heroine; cheeky, sweet, gentle and passionate, who also has a lot of common sense. Gunther is every woman's fantasy man; suave, sophisticated, dangerous and protective of those he's close to. From the very first page, action was sweeping me into a whirlwind of emotions. I was frightened for Mandy and Callie with the killer on the loose. At the same time, I knew Gunther was around and he and his comrades would protect these ladies like the knights of old. IN A STRANGER'S ARMS is a story I can honestly recommend to anyone looking for a paranormal with suspenseful and erotic twists. Readers will not be able to put this amazing story down. I cannot wait to read the next Tianna Xander story!




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