King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court

Author: Kim Headlee

Publisher: Lucky Bat Books

Release Date: November 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Having dreamt of her half-brother, King Arthur, dying in battle, Queen Morgan le Fay, aka the Queen of Gore, rushes to the battlefield. But when she arrives, he is already dying. She is too late to hasten her hated sibling off this mortal coil into the afterlife. So she does the second best thing. Searching for another target for her rage, she settles on The Boss, who came from the future, insinuating himself into her half-brother's life and thus becoming the second most powerful man in the land. The Boss has caused quite an upheaval in her era with his sorcery. For that alone he deserves to die, to her way of thinking. Using her magic, Morgan utters an incantation to take her to 1879 Connecticut and her target, but instead, she is suddenly thrown further into the future, arriving in the year 2079.

Since she arrives in the midst of a Renaissance Festival, many of the sights are what she is used to, but it is not quite the same and she notices many differences. She makes the acquaintance of a woman, Jane Seymour, who is dressed in the period clothing of Morgana's time. Before long, Morgan, who is still adjusting to not having everyone pay homage to her, finds herself as the campaign leader for the re-election of Malory Beckham Hinton, who is running for President for Life, and then Morgan becomes the owner of a baseball team in London. When she moves to London to be more active with the team, she also brings with her a retired baseball player named Sandy, who is almost a twin to her former consort, Sir Accolon, who died before Morgan's time travel in the year 685. She and Sandy become lovers and even though she has been using her magic from time to time, especially with the weather, she attempts to use it less. As Morgan adjusts to the abrupt changes in her life while seeking a way to return to the past, which will she eventually choose; to return to King Arthur's court and her queendom, or to remain in the future with all its technological wonders?

A timely romp, KING ARTHUR'S SISTER IN WASHINGTON COURT, penned by author Kim Headlee, is a clever Arthurian time travel that came as a surprise to me. Although I often read time travel stories, this Arthurian tale is not like anything I have read before. I must admit that when I was asked to review this book and give my honest opinion, I agreed with trepidation, which only increased as I began reading. At first, I had to get adjusted to the language used, which is styled along the lines of Mark Twain's A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT as a sequel to his book, but this soon gets better, especially once she reaches the twenty-first century. I quickly became wrapped up in the story and by the time I arrived at the end, I felt a loss, sad that the story was over. I enjoyed seeing the comparisons between the different eras and the changes in Morgan, who went from being an imperious queen to a much softer, approachable business woman. Along the way she discovers a lot about herself.

Strangely enough, in my opinion, the Congress of 2079 in this story seems to be identical to that of today's, with the self-serving, so-called representatives, who seek to make themselves richer while trampling over those who need help the most. Instead of dealing with the real issues, they spend their time voting for raises for themselves while 'working' less and less. I loved how she dealt with this situation. There are some other similarities, along with some differences in this intriguing book.

Packed with politics, pop culture, sports, business, time travel, magic, deceit, humor and love, this story will keep you enthralled right up to the end. Whether you have ever read an Arthurian romance before or not, give this one a try. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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