Lady of Light and Shadows

Author: C.L. Wilson

Publisher: Dorchester

Release Date: November 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS begins where the first book in this series, LORD OF THE FADING LANDS ends. Ellysetta Baristani is awaiting her marriage to Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey and Lord of the Fading Lands. Rain has come to the town of Celieria, where he believes he will find the solution in the infant death of his species, the Tairen. What he found instead was his shei’tani, his soul mate for eternity in that of Ellie. Ellie continues to have morbid nightmares of fire and death. And even thought Rain is there to protect his precious love, he is worried for her life and those around her. Some evil force is trying to separate them and take Ellie away from Rain forever.

But there are other problems that surround Celieria. For a thousand years, Celieria and the Fading Lands have been allies, especially against the Fey’s enemy, the Mages of Eld. The Mages and the Tairen were at war, and because they killed Rain’s mate Sariel, he scorched the world by fire over a thousand years ago. But lately the townspeople have not welcomed the Fey because they have been accused of some Celierian deaths. Now the Celierian nobles are thinking about opening a relationship with the Eld. Rain is dead set against this, and hates the Mages with a passion almost as deep as his love for Ellie. Most importantly, he wants to cement his and Ellie’s bond and return to the safety of the Fading Lands.

Ellie has always been comfortable as an adopted woodcarver’s daughter. But the High Mage of Eld knows who Ellie truly is. He believes Ellie is his daughter who was stolen away from him when she was only a baby. He will now try to take Ellie back and use other devious means to bring forth the black magic she has hidden. Rain has no idea what Ellie is, and if he finds out, he could end up scorching the world again. There is also another Fey who surrendered to the darkness and also knows about Ellie. He too is on his way to Celieria to kill Ellie before she is mated to Rain and enters the Fading Land, and in the process she could destroy the Fey with her untapped powers. It is a race to keep the peace between Celieria and the Fading Lands, and for Rain to keep Ellie safe from harm and secure her in his heart. Each day, Ellie becomes more powerful and could possibly turn to the dark side of the Mage, which will enable her to end the world as both Fey and Celierians have known it.


C.L. Wilson has written another exceptional book with LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS. She has proven that her first book was no fluke and with her sequel, she has cemented herself as the one author to watch for the coming years. Every once in a while, there comes a book that will make your speechless because it is so good. I was blown away yet again with this inventive fantasy/romance tale of a simple girl who becomes the sole reason for the happiness of a man who has lost all hope. LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS is a more dark and intense read that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page. There are so many magical moments throughout this book that can not be compared to any fantasy book I have read in recent years. Some parts are very intense and heart wrenching as there are more deaths and tortures throughout. But through all of this, C.L. Wilson has written an engaging and spectacular epic that should not be missed. I have no qualms in stating that LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS along with LORD OF THE FADING LANDS are the best two books to come out for 2007 and for fantasy, probably the best of the decade.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Katie

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