Longfellow Seduced
By Natalie
Nov 16, 2009 - 2:42:54 PM

Magnus Crowe is a vampire and a rock star.  He is used to having women fall into his arms and at his feet begging for his attention.  And Magnus is more than happy to accommodate them.  The only females he has no time for are females with the last name “Longfellow.”  Suddenly, Magnus has to eat - well, crow because someone is skimming from his bar, and the only person that can help find the culprit is a forensic accountant by the name of Prudence Longfellow.  Just Magnus’s luck.  He has to be around the one type of female that will set him off – he doesn’t realize that she will set him aflame as well.

Prudence Longfellow has yet to meet a more infuriating and stubborn man than Magnus Crowe.  It’s not like SHE called him.  He called her needing help, and then had the audacity to act like he didn’t want her around.  Well, that’s fine and dandy with Prudence. She will find out who is stealing money from Magnus, and then she can get away from him once and for all.  Now all she has to do is talk her heart into thinking the same thing.   It is being just as uncooperative as Magnus, especially when Magnus is in the same room.   

LONGFELLOW SEDUCED is a hit in my book.  Vampire romances tend to somehow wind up similar more often than not, but Violet Summers has taken the fairly common plot twist and made it original.  Magnus is sex personified, but he isn’t really a ‘pretty’ sexy.  He is more domineering and snarly sexy – and I mean that in the hottest and steamiest of ways.  Just when I thought Prudence was correct in her assessment of Magnus, he would do something so sweet that my heart would melt into a pile of goo.  And Prudence felt exactly the same way! She knew exactly how to keep Magnus guessing, and her ability to stand up to his ego and his dominating ways endeared her to me completely. 

For a wonderful read, LONGFELLOW SEDUCED is the book for you.  Magnus will make you chuckle more than once and then sigh in undignified longing – I speak from experience, let me tell you! Violet Summers continues to release books that will leave you breathless and panting for more.  LONGFELLOW SEDUCED is such a book – don’t miss it!

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