Midnight Reign

Author: Chris Marie Green

Publisher: Ace

Release Date: February 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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The second novel in Chris Marie Green’s VAMPIRE BABYLON series, MIDNIGHT REIGN continues the story of Dawn Madison, former Hollywood stuntwoman, who joined the private investigation firm Limpet & Associates when she found out her father Frank had been working for the firm when he went missing. Dawn and her cohorts at Limpet & Associates—Kiko, Breisi and Jonah Limpet (best known as The Voice)—are still looking for Frank and that trail has lead them to a mysterious collective of vampires, known as the Underground. Picking up where the first book left off, the crew is now on the trail of a killer who is committing murders with distinct vampire qualities. Armed with more knowledge now on the hierarchy of the vamps, as well as their different and distinct strengths and weaknesses, Dawn and her friends continue to search for Frank and investigate the “Vampire Killer.” However, there are powerful forces at work to keep Dawn and her friends from discovering the truth…at least until the time is right.

The time for confrontation and change is steadily coming, and as Dawn falls further down the rabbit hole she cannot trust anything or anyone. In this story, she is forced to face shocking truths about her mysterious boss and sometimes lover Jonah, her friend Jacqueline Ashley, and even her father. Even the sexy and beguiling fellow P.I. Matt Lonigan seems to be hiding something. As the story rapidly spirals to its climax, the stage is set for a battle in which alliances are revealed, betrayals become clear, and a sacrifice leaves no one untouched.


Within the world Ms. Green has created lurks a new breed of paranormal fantasy writing. This is Hollywood noir, filled with decadent vampires and brave hunters and unlike anything you have read before. The author’s talent for complex plotting and amazing character development is clear in this second installment to the series. More and more secrets are revealed and several mysteries are solved that were introduced in the first book. Ms. Green is an expert in structuring parallel plots that both reveal and conceal certain aspects of the story. She leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for the reader, giving us enough to urge us to come deeper into the story and whetting our appetite for more. A lot of information is revealed about the structure and origin of both the Underground and Jonah and his “Friends” in this story, and the ending will definitely blow you away.


The characters in this series grow dynamically in this installment to the Vampire Babylon series. We see our hardnosed heroine, Dawn, grappling with the personal demons introduced in the first book, and we witness her beginning to grow past them and show progress in her personal relationships. She is a dynamic and complex character that I found I could really identify with. The other characters, Breisi, Kiko and Jonah, are all terrific players in the plot, adding depth with their individual personalities. Ms. Green’s sharp, urban style of writing is intelligent and often darkly humorous. She manages to capture the humanity of the humans in her writing, and the longing for humanity of the vampires. Her complex vampires and their culture is also something I found unique and fresh in the paranormal genre.


MIDNIGHT REIGN is a multilayered, complex novel that will have your brain flexing the gray matter to keep up and your adrenaline pumping. The intricate twists and turns of the plot are thrilling and the characters really get inside of you. The vampires Ms. Green has created and their world are a fascinating new twist on an old legend, and Dawn is one of those terrific heroines who isn’t a lily-white princess, but a cynical, sexual force of nature. Be ready for a wild ride, and prepare yourself for book three, break of dawn.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Maria Shaink

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