On The Prowl

Author: Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance, Sunny

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: August 7, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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ALPHA AND OMEGA by Patricia Briggs


Anna is a werewolf at the bottom of her Chicago Pack’s hierarchy.   Beaten and belittled, she keeps to herself as much as possible.   Anna recognizes a familiar face while reading an old newspaper article about a missing boy. She has recently seen the boy in the home of her Alpha, the leader of Chicago’s pack.   Fearing the worst, Anna calls Bran, who is the Marrok, the king of all werewolves, and informs him about the missing boy.   The Marrok sends his son, Charles, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Chicago pack and the missing boy.   Charles immediately recognizes that Anna is special and his inner beast urges him to claim her as his mate.   Treachery and deceit abound in the Chicago Pack and it’s nearly impossible to discern who is friend and who is foe.   Will Charles and Anna be able to solve the mystery of the missing boy?   Can Charles convince this unique woman to be his mate?

ALPHA AND OMEGA introduces a unique concept into the werewolf legend – an Omega wolf. The unusual qualities of the Omega are highlighted in this wonderful paranormal romance.   The mysteries surrounding the pack are intriguing and will keep you glued to the pages, while the romance will touch your heart.   Anna is an unusual heroine who displays more than her fair share of strength.   Charles is a fantastic Alpha hero who possesses extraordinary Alpha characteristics including protectiveness, authority, and strength.   Patricia Briggs continues to write imaginative, entertaining stories and ALPHA AND OMEGA is a prime example of her abilities.   Briggs is definitely an author with a brilliant future in the paranormal genre.




INHUMAN by Eileen Wilks


A shift in the winds between the dimensions causes changes in many people, gifting them with various abilities. Kai Michalski possesses a secret gift.   She senses the thoughts and desires of others.   Unfortunately, those people who did not develop any special talent because of the shift fear the people with the new abilities.   Now someone is killing those who do possess the various magical gifts.   Kai’s neighbor, Nathan, is a deputy investigating the deaths.   Nathan has his own secret to guard. When the killer is discovered to have a link with Kai, it is up to Nathan to protect her from the police and the killer.   Nevertheless, will he be able to protect her once his own secret is revealed?


INHUMAN is a masterfully written paranormal romance interwoven with mystery and suspense.   Eileen Wilks has created two characters with strengths and weaknesses to which readers can easily relate.   The underlying murder mystery is fascinating and kept me guessing until the very end.   The feelings between Kai and Nathan are put to the test several times during the battles with their enemies.   Wilks has created an amazing universe filled with extraordinary people that I would love to learn more about.   Wilks is definitely one of the paranormal genre's best story-tellers.




BUYING TROUBLE by Karen Chance


Claire is a fiery red-headed mage who works part time at an auction house that sells rare magical artifacts.   Finding herself up on the auction block as one of the sales items is not on her list of things to do.   Claire knows that her fate looks grim when her murderous cousin and one of the Lords of the Fey bid on her.   Claire has been running from the Fey since she was a teen. She takes her chance at escape when a riot erupts in the auction house.   Unfortunately, luck is not on her side. Claire winds up trapped exactly where she doesn't want to be with the Lord of the Fey.   Claire’s journey home is filled with hardships, obstacles and more than a few surprises, not the least of which is the handsome Fey by her side.   Will Claire conclude this adventure with her freedom and her heart intact?


BUYING TROUBLE is a thrilling romantic escapade.   The adventurous background draws the reader in and sets the stage for an unusual romance between two disparate characters.   Their exciting trip through the realm of the Fey is definitely a non-stop thrill ride.   Karen Chance’s talent shines brightly in this extremely compelling story.   Trust me when I say, this will merely whet your appetite for more of this Chance’s writing.






Mona Lisa is a Queen of the Monère, the children of the moon.   She is of mixed blood – part Monère and part human.   She is still recovering from the death of one of her lovers when the Monère counsel calls her to testify about the death of another Queen, Mona Louisa.   Mona Lisa appears before the counsel with two of her guards.   What happens in the counsel chambers is only the beginning of Mona Lisa’s troubles.   When the dust settles, things will never be the same in Mona Lisa’s world.


MONA LISA BETWINING is equal parts romance, suspense and erotica.   This highly entertaining story captured my attention from the first sentence.   Sunny draws the reader into the heroine’s struggles within herself and the world of the Monère.   This is the first MONA LISA story that I have read and I will certainly be reading the rest of her exciting tales.  It is obvious that Sunny’s exceptional writing ability will keep her multitude of fans coming back for more.




ON THE PROWL is an extremely well-written anthology containing stories by four authors with tremendous talent.   All of the stories are entertaining and exciting while being completely different from one another.   If by chance you are not familiar with any of these fine authors, this is a wonderful way to be introduced to them and become a fan.   I have been a fan of Briggs, Wilks and Chance for a while and now count myself a fan of Sunny.   These ladies are amazing wordsmiths and ON THE PROWL is an excellent illustration of their writing skills.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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