Touching Fire: Paul's Dream

Author: Rowan McBride

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Paul Graham is an up-and-coming attorney that simply likes helping people. He’s not interested in the mazes and riddles of dreams, or anything that could potentially wreck his career. But he has a special power, an ability to dream-walk into one’s dreams and free the enslaved, or help the troubled. He’s oblivious to this ability; that is, until Kian shows up.

Proclaiming Paul saved him from imprisonment four years ago, Kian is charming, sexy, and willing to show Paul his gratitude with the one thing an incubus does well— sex, laced with a little bit of magic. He’s searched four years to find the man that freed him from the shackles that haunted him at night, but once he finds him, Paul gives him the cold shoulder.

So Kian embarks on mission with the intension to seduce Paul and melt the cold surrounding Paul’s heart with the fire burning deep inside his body. But a dangerous obsession of another rises in the mist of his seduction, threatening to keep them apart. Is Kian strong enough to succeed in being with Paul? Or will the threat rule over him, keeping Paul away for good?

PAUL’S DREAM is the perfect story to curl up to on a rainy day. I loved it. With so many likable aspects, I find the characters to be the best part of the book. Paul is kind and lovable, even though he’s a bit standoffish in the beginning. And Kian, well, Kian is what fantasies are made of. Both men are seeking different things yet the same thing. Mr. McBride’s writing draws the reader into his world and leaves them breathless and wanting more. I look forward to his next story, and must say, PAUL’S DREAM is not one to be missed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey

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