Doomsday Brethren, Book 3: Possess Me At Midnight
By Natalie
Nov 17, 2009 - 11:30:04 AM

Ice Rykard has gotten his nickname honestly.  Rock hard, ice cold, and totally focused is the name of Ice’s game, but lately something has been happening to his mojo – and her name is Sabelle Rion.  For months Ice has not been able to stop thinking about her, and the tension between them when they are together is more than obvious.  Ice knows that a true privileged princess like his Bella has no business becoming involved with a deprived warrior like himself, but his heart refuses to listen.  With Bella guarding the Doomsday Diary because her brother is unable to, and the Anarki and Mathias hot on their heels, Ice vows to keep her safe. 

Sabelle Rion is the epitome of a lady.  She has been educated and versed in the gentleness of her race, and being the descendent of Merlin doesn’t hurt.  Bella, however, doesn’t care about all that – she just wants to live her life and help her brother, now lying in a coma, in his fight against the evil and vile Mathias.  When the Anarki come calling, Bella trusts her life and her heart with Ice Rykard, the only warrior strong enough to keep her safe.  Bella finds herself obsessed with this honed warrior but knows that Bram would never in a million years allow her to answer the call to mate with Ice.  If Sabelle knows one thing, it is her duty – she just wishes that she could convince her heart.

If sexual tension and smoldering lust could be cut with a knife, then POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT would need to come with a machete.  With each and every scene, the reader is treated to a plethora of emotions that range from despondent to fiery passion.  Ice’s feelings for Bella are so gripping and real – I could feel what he felt for her. Bella’s love for Ice, while just as adoring and true, were a bit tamer but no less genuine.  Had she shirked her duty to her brother and their race, I don’t think I would have enjoyed her capitulation quite so much.  

POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT has it all -- powerful magic, blazing passion to warm even the coldest heart, loyalty, and breathtaking honest to goodness love in a paranormal world that left me breathless.  I have no doubts as to this book’s amazing and wonderful charm – take a gander at POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT and see what I am talking about.  You won’t be sorry!

Please note:  POSSESS ME AT MIDNIGHT is the third book of Shayla Black’s DOOMSDAY BRETHREN series, and I highly recommend reading this series in order beginning with books one and two, TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS and SEDUCE ME IN SHADOW. 



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