Postcards from the Dead
By Pat Cooper
Dec 15, 2007 - 12:03:34 PM

When a beautiful widow starts getting postcards from dead people, she has to figure out if these are threats or requests for help in an eerie Halloween tale.

Cassandra Moore couldn’t believe she was receiving messages from beyond the grave. In her job as personal property supervisor, she returns the victim’s possessions to his family; suddenly, she’s also able to give them information to bring closure to their lives. Not such a bad thing, she thinks, until she starts getting cryptic postcards from her dead husband.
Reporter Drew Brinkman has been assigned a fluff article for his newspaper’s Halloween edition and he’s ticked his has to look into the historical ghosts of San Josue. Not wanting to rewrite old facts, he’s got a new angle when his friend mentions that Cassie has been receiving postcards from the dead.
Stunned by the blazing heat that surges when he meets her, Drew doesn’t know what to make of the fact that the facts from Cassie’s postcards overlap with his own murky past. The two find themselves drawn together as they track down leads that might put their own ghosts to rest and let them have a future together.
Hotshot Drew and sensitive Cassie are a great team and readers won’t be able to resist as they’re drawn into a love affair and a mystery in an excellent, spine-tingling story with strong, likeable characters and tender romance.

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