Quinn's Quest - Legacy Book 4
By Claudette
Feb 23, 2012 - 8:00:31 AM

For the past year, Quinn’s every waking moment has been about finding his twin sister, Chrissten.  He’s already compromised his morals in efforts to find her; the last thing he can focus on right now is his own personal happiness.  So when he meets Bethany and every atom in his body wants to claim her, he refuses to give in.  Quinn has nothing to offer her or any other female, until he locates his sister.


Bethany has had to deal with a lot in a few short weeks, being kidnapped by an insane doctor and his equally unbalanced cohort; she doesn’t believe her fellow captive Chrissten, who tells her that they are both half-breed werewolves.  Who would believe the poor woman? Christen has been a captive for over a year, reason enough for having a few less than lucid moments.   When Chrissten sees the chance for escape, and sprouts claws, Bethany doesn’t have much opportunity to deal with the evidence of her own eyes; she takes the chance Chrissten gives her, and escapes to contact Chrissten’s twin Quinn.


Going into heat for the first time, brings home the fact that she is certainly not human.  She has to mate with a male werewolf to free her inner wolf, and there are plenty of possible candidates, but only the intense and sexy Quinn really appeals to her. 


Quinn aches for more than Bethany’s body, he admires her strength and her loyalty to his sister, but his life is essentially on hold until they can bring home Chrissten.  Allowing any of the other males to touch Bethany is out of the question, but he can offer her nothing else and she deserves so much more. 


 Every installment from Ms. Walters’ LEGACY werewolf series doesn’t just introduce another set of characters that you’ll fall for, but their story will seek to further ensnare your senses.  I was on the edge of my seat and trying not to mutter out loud to the characters on my kindle.  So just so you know, reading an N. J. Walters novel can make you risk social suicide by talking to fictional characters out loud whilst on public transport.


Each book makes the plot more engrossing, as we get nearer to the big showdown between the werewolves, half-breeds, and their human and vampire allies.  They all have a personal interest in seeing the murderous hunters get their just desserts.


Ms. Walters has a knack for blending fantasy with contemporary elements and making the unbelievable completely believable.


This novel features emotionally intense writing, characters you care about and enough sensual eroticism to make you want to keep a fire extinguisher on stand-by.  These are all trademarks of this author’s writing and long may it continue!


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