Redeemed in Darkness
By Sandi Potterton
Dec 5, 2007 - 7:56:39 AM

Lusahn q'Arc and Cullen Finley have met before, on the field of battle, and have marked each other with their swords.  They are sworn enemies in the battle that rages between their people.  But Cullen has discovered through Barak that the Others can be warriors of heart and honor.  When deception and greed infiltrate the war between their people, Lusahn and Cullen will find they need to work together for the benefit of both their races.  But even the best plans go awry,  and they will find themselves fighting for their lives and their forbidden love.   

REDEEMED IN DARKNESS is the fourth offering in Alexis Morgan's Paladins of Darkness series.  This is a rich series with an original storyline and mythos that I highly enjoyed.  Ms. Morgan creates a beautiful fantasy world intertwined with the modern day world that works wonderfully.  Each book evolves the world further and brings new information and insight about both the Paladins and the Others and as such I recommend that you read the series in order.  The romance between Cullen and Lusahn stands alone, but you will miss so much if this is read as a solo story.  Ms. Morgan's characters are lush and well-rounded as well as easy to identify with.  Her romances are hot, sexy and sensual and as a female make you want to find a Paladin to fall in love with.  The plots are tight, well-written and engrossing, and while the romances may resolve there are always ongoing storylines that progress throughout the series.  I highly enjoyed the series, but especially liked REDEEMED IN DARKNESS for its glimpse into the world of the Others and the strong romance between two equally strong characters.  

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