Remembrance, Mediator Series, Book 7

Author: Meg Cabot

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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When ghosts come to haunt you, what do you do? Knock them into the next stratosphere! Suzannah “Suze” Simon, a ghost mediator extraordinaire, has kicking specters into the next realm down pat. Now, if only obtaining credits at her old high school for a course she is taking for her counselor certification was just as easy, life would be great. Unfortunately, an old boyfriend has returned to stir up trouble in her world. Suze is eternally grateful to her fiancé, Dr. Jesse De Silva, who brings love and light into her life. If only he would scratch that itch that makes Suze sizzle, from head to toe, from his smoldering looks, she would be thankful. However, Jesse is a gentleman and believes in chasteness, in short, waiting until they are married to tango. Aw… holy sentimental crap! In fact, he was a spirit once, but Suze kicked butt, saving his soul for which he is eternally grateful to her and her family for everything. What a guy!

Life in general sucks as Suze battles friends and foes, worldly and otherwise, while navigating emotional upheavals, life and death situations, battling bully boogies, all the while maintaining a semblance of balance with loved ones. What’s a girl mediator supposed to do?

REMEMBRANCE is book seven in the MEDIATOR series and all the old quirky characters are back squabbling and causing pandemonium. I loved taking a walk down memory lane as Ms. Cabot introduces all of Suze’s friends and tormentors. This book is full of sauciness, suspense and satisfaction. Simply dynamite! Hurray for Suze and Jesse! Simply put, Suze gets her guy, Jesse, who is the love of her life. Jesse is my favorite character because he is such a swoon-worthy, macho man! Ms. Cabot expertly paces the plot, revealing historical facts, bit by bit, concerning an old murder case that Suze unravels, courtesy of an angry child ghost. Suze is frank and feisty as ever, with foot-in-the-mouth syndrome. She is such a riot! Many surprises are revealed that will delight MEDIATOR fans. REMEMBRANCE is phenomenal paranormal fare, suspenseful and at times terrifying. Absolutely rockin!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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